437 Mr. Gold’s Report

    Dec. 21, 1736. Mr. Gold of North Kingston, Narraganset discoursed with the College Committee about hiring that part of their Farm at Kingston which Reynolds has not hired. Committee proposed his having it 14 years, clearing 40 Acres fit for mowing, planting an orchard of an 100 Trees and fencing it with stone wall at 5s. per Rod.

    Mr. Gold doubted whether there were 40 Acres that could be cleared, as above, ’twas therefore proposed, that he should go home, he and Reynolds measure the clearable Land, and write a Letter (to be subscribed by him and Reynolds) shewing how much clearable land there was, and whether he would comply with our termes if there were. And if we should agree on termes, we might give him leave to go to work forthwith, though the formal could not presently be finished.


    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 6. The initials stand for Benjamin Wadsworth.