291 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    [London Feb. 24 1723/24]

    Reverend Sir

    I received your kind letter dated 26 xber and have already answered it and others in a long Epistle which I put into a little box of books directed to Mr. Edward Hutchinson by Capt. Osborn, and on arival I doubt not but he will deliver it, as also sundry other letters to freinds in answer to theirs to me of the last yeare, Mr. President &c. I have newly received 8 doz. books, catalogues of your College Library which I shall distribute withall Convenient Expedition, as you direct me.

    Mr. Cook your Agent and his son did me the honour to visit me at my house last week, and we discourst of your State and of your College. He tells me your College is in a very bad state and Condition, the Corporation ought to be of resident Fellows, that the Gentlemen non Resident are as worthy Persons as the Country affords or could be chosen but by their living at a distance, can not attend the good of the house as were to be desired, and you can not alter or increase the number of your corporation, without hazard of the whole, that the wisest men in Boston had thoroughly examined it, and himself also, who seems to understand your constitution very well.

    As to your state affairs he discourses as one that has them, ad unguem, but I feare has so much resentment against the Governour, that he will rather increase the flame, then come into any peaceful measures, which as far as I can see would be submissive, and suggests that the country dont desire the Gouvernours return, but will rather venture the Issue of Another—time must show. The Ministry and the Parlament are yet very busy. My Lord Barrington is come to towne. He and his Brother Bendish I suppose are cheife Counsellors and are wise men; but they goe to Meetings, and I think have little interest at Court. Pray do not expose this letter, rather burn it, when you have read it.

    My little Nepheu Samuel Solly is now going for Boston in Captain Lethereds Ship, to be an aprentice to Mr. Caswall, who as I am informed goes to the Episcopal Church. We direct the Lad to attend your place of worship, and earnestly recomend him to your inspection, and good councill on all proper occasions, being at such a distance from his Relations, he may need a land Eye to watch over him. He has very good naturall Parts, and some improvement, if it please God to fix them on proper Subjects, and to preserv him from youthfull Follies. He is a Child of many prayers, his father is [deacon?] of the Church under Mr. Frenchams cure in Sandwich, I suppose about 30 years. His Mother a pious Woman of the same Church, died about 7 yeares ago, was my good Wifes onely Sister. We hope his Master will take all due care of him, and keep him busily imployed, in one busines or another. Of Idlenes comes no good, but is frequently occasion of Vice. You will be so kind to inform some of us, as occasion serves, what you may observe of his management of himself. This Mr. Caswall’s father was I think Deacon for many years of that Church now under the care of my Cousin Neale. I am sorry to heare he has so far left us, as to go to the Episcopal, I hope he retaines his Sobriety and good Moralls.

    I shall be glad to heare Mr. Monis continues his Christianity and honours his Profession by a holy life. He is spoken of at the N. E. coffe house, by some, not as I could wish, by others as an useles officer in your College, of which you are best Judges.

    I have one instance of the usefulnes of your Catalogue alredy by giving one to my Nepheu Thomas Hollis, who had 3 valluable books designed now to send unto you. He finds you have them, and so forbears, but as he designed a present, he must waite an oportunity for some others you have not.

    My love to you and yours and all freinds

    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    London Feb. 21, 1723/4

    Received by Capt. Barlow

    96. Catalogues of the College library to be distributed76

    * 6. to Governour Shute

    all Delivered.

    * 12. to Mr. Henry Newman

    * 12. to Mr. Jeremy Dummer

    * 30. to Mr. Daniel Neale

    * 30. to Mr. Thomas Hollis

    6. to John Chamberlaine Esq.77 I sent my man with them but he brought them back with Answer, he was dead about 4 Months.

    Thomas Hollis hath distributed alreddy 18, viz:

    • Mr. Harris
    • Mr. Evans
    • Mr. Standen of Neuberry
    • Mr. Samuel Holden Marchant
    • Mr. Stork
    • Mr. Colman
    • Dr. Callamy
    • Dr. Avery
    • Dr. Kinch
    • Mr. Flint
    • Mr. John Hollis
    • Mr. Thomas Hollis Junr.
    • Mr. Richard Solly
    • Mr. Ellis
    • Mr. Joseph Burrows
    • Dr. Meade
    • Mr. Isaac Watts
    • Mr. Edward Wallin

    18. delivered

    18. Remains in hand of Thomas Hollis

    I hope in the sequell you will reape the fruite.

    [Addressed:] To the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Colman in Boston by Samuel Solly Passenger in Capt. Lethered.

    [Endorsed:] No. 25.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 45. Quoted in part in Quincy, History, i. 556 (App. LVIII).