446 Memo to Francis Willett

    [ca. 1737]

    Cozen Willet, the College having agreed with Mr. Cleaveland to let 60 acres of Land for 12 years we were to draw the Leases and execute one of them here, the other is sent to be in like manner executed and acknowledged by Mr. Cleaveland, which acknowledgment I desire you would take and then deliver him the Lease executed and acknowledged by the President in behalf of himself and the Fellows and send the other executed and acknowledged by Mr. Cleaveland to Col. Hutchinson our Treasurer at Boston. I desire you also to deliver one of the enclosed letter to Mr. Cleaveland and the other to Mr. Reynolds, who was obliged to build a house on his [tenant?] 24 feet wide 20 feet in length and ten feet studd, and the College to give him £65 therefor. Now he says he has built the house four feet wider than by agreement and that it has cost him £80 besides maintaining the workmen and is willing to allow the difference of money between the time of his finishing the house and when he took his lease which was Sept. 12 1735, which is to be judged of by Mr. Willet within £70. It was part of our agreement with Mr. Cleaveland that the 60 acres be set of to him togather by Mr. Willet, Mr. Trip and our Tenant, Mr. Reynolds, the charge hereof to be born equally by the College and Mr. Cleaveland, which being forgot to be inserted in the lease should be done before the lease is delivered. You’l find a vacancy left in the leases for part of the northerly boundary because we did not know who besides Mr. Cleaveland himself lived North of that part of land which is let to him and we desire you to insert it in both leases.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 7. Draft, prepared by Henry Flynt. On the back of this document is a letter from Timothy Cutler; see No. 454.