467 Palmer Cleveland’s Bond

    [September 12 1740]

    .… we Palmer Cleaveland of North Kingston … Tayler and John Cleaveland of the town County and Colony aforesaid, Tayler are holden … unto Edward Holyoke … President of Harvard College … in the full and just summ of one hundred pounds … sealed … dated the Twelfth day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and fourty.

    The Condition of this obligation is such that whereas the abovesaid Palmer Cleaveland hath by an Indenture made the Twenty fifth of November anno Domini 1738 taken to farm for the space of Twelve years from the 25th of March Anno Dom[ini] 1739 sixty acres of Land being part of a farm belonging to the College in North Kingston in the Colony of Road Island and hath obliged himself to clear and subdue and during his term to keep cleared and subdued entirely of Brush and Trash thirty acres of the sixty aforesaid and in one entire peice and bring it to mowing English grass upon the whole of it and enclose said thirty acres with good sufficient fence of posts and four rayles or with good Virginia fence each four feet and a half in height and to keep the said fence during his term and leave it at the end of it in good Tenantable repaire and is further obliged in said indenture or Lease reference thereto being had to spend all the hay dung and muck that shal arise from the demised Premises upon them and pay all Taxes that shal be levyied on the demised premises and at the Determination of his term to deliver up the possession of the demised premises to the lessor or his successor as by said Lease, reference thereto being had doth more fully appear. And whereas, the said Palmer Cleaveland hath lately made offer to the said Edward Holyoke that if he wil procure him in order to purchase Twenty goats Twenty pounds in Bills of Credit which summ the said Cleaveland does hereby acknowledg himself to have received and doth acquit the said Edward Holyoke of all and every part thereof and in consideration thereof doth agree engage and oblige himself to and with the said Edward Holyoke President and his successors in that office that he the said Cleaveland will at the end of seven years from the Date hereof return to the said Edward Holyoke President or his successors in said office for the use of the College Twenty Goats as good or els as much money as wil purchase said number of Goats at the Election of said President or his successors in said office and also that the said Cleaveland wil clear subdue and fence and bring to mowing English grass fifteen acres more and above and beyound but adjoyning unto the thirty acres specifyed and mentioned in the abovesaid Lease or Indenture and will doe and perform all the dutys agreements and engagements with respect to the fifteen acres aforesaid and in the same manner as he is in the said Lease obliged to doe and perform with respect to the aforesaid thirty acres excepting the planting an Orchard on the thirty acres as expressed in the Lease aforesaid….

    Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us

    Danl. Coggashall, John Congdon





    John Cleaveland

    [On back:] North Kingstown, September 12th 1740. The within Subscribers Palmer Cleaveland and John Cleaveland both personally appeared and Acknowledged the within written Instrument to be their Act and deed.

    Before Francis Willett Just. Quorum

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 12. Three dots indicate omission of legal phraseology common to such documents. The words “jointly” and “severally,” noted in No. 465, would have been added to the final clause, not copied here.