465 President Holyoke to Francis Willett

    Cambridge Nov. 22, 1739


    Herewith I send you a Bond as also a new Lease for Reynolds, to begin at the expiration of that which is now going on, viz Mar. 1750. In the Lease which He now hath, there is express mention made, that what wood he cuts down (from those 70 Acres he is thereby obliged to clear) which he doth not use either in Fencing or Fuel, he shall despose of, as he pleases; This is omitted in this Lease, as to the 130 Acres he is by it obliged further to clear because I tho’t there was no occasion for it, and the Lease long and tedious enough without it, supposing that, as what wood he clears the Land of, must be used first for Fenceing and Fuel so the rest (of which there must be a great deal) might be used and disposed of by him at his own Pleasure, so that the Land be cleared, which I suppose he will go about as soon as he hath got his goats, so that I believe there will be no need of noting the Matter to him: Not but that if you doubt it may hurt him, or he be uneasie at it (which Mr. Flynt doubts he will be) I will immediately send up an authentic explanatory addition to that Article, to his satisfaction. And least He or Cleaveland may Fancy the Lease or Bond are drawn otherwise than they proposed, Have herewith also sent the original Agreements with Reynolds and Cleaveland, as we wrote them when at N. Kingston, that they may see the instruments are drawn according to our then stipulation. Have sent also a Bond, for Cleaveland to sign, with respect to his fifteen Acres, his affair needing nothing further. Wee suppose one Bondsman for Cleaveland and two for Reynolds, and desire you to fill up the Blanks in them with such as You know to be responsible Men, desireing you to note to Cleavelands witnesses before they sign, the interlining of the words jointly and severally in the penal part, as it is noted in the bottom of his Bond.298 And as our part of the lease for Reynolds is acknowleged so we desire his part for us may be so too; as also both his and Cleavelands bonds. We expect also severally a receipt from each of them for the Money they receive, namely ninety pounds, Reynolds and twenty pound, Cleaveland which summe £110 hope you’ll receive with this which designing to send by the next post. Which affairs when you have finished pray you to convey the Lease and Bonds with all due care and speed to, which piece of service shall be thankfully acknowleged by

    Your very much obliged and humble servant

    Edwd. Holyoke

    Please to give my service &c.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 12. File copy.