309 Francis Foxcroft to the President and Fellows

    [Cambridge, October … 1724]

    To the Reverend and honourable Gentlemen members of the Corporation of Harvard College in Cambridge New England

    F[rancis] Foxcroft of Cambridge aforesaid the acting Executor of the last will and Testament of the late Honourable Thomas Danforth Esq. of the same place deceased, maketh manifest to this venerable board, that his said Testator did among other gifts mentioned on the same sheet of paper whereon he writ his will, give unto H[arvard] College three several leases of land in Framingham in Middlesex County, each of forty shillings per annum on certain conditions as he shold name, a copy of which I herewith present of his own hand written. Now so it is that after some years of his death intermitted, I did shew the said three leases to the late President and Mr. Brattle111 together with a copy of the said conditions, as they were members of said Corporation, and I desired the said honourable late President to prepair a fit instrument of assignment and it shold be executed by the executors but so it was that the said leases and conditions was returned to me and I well remember the late Reverend Mr. Brattle told me the incumbring the donation with the said conditions rendered the gift a burthen rather than a benefit to the society. Whether he delivered his own or the Corporations mind I am yet ignorant. I now do again make tender of them and desire your acceptance of said gift, and your answer yea or nay declared and entered with your secretary. If you accept, I do with assurance hope the rents hitherto you’ll sinke in my hands being the design and end of the said Testator hath been answered by applying of them [Item?] my assistance for my two sons Francis112 and Thomas113 education at said College not without effect in the publick good in Church and State in some measure, a few years intermitted. I have since my sons had their preferment paid the said rents of £6 per annum to my Cousin John Sparhawk114 to last March. I all along gave credit to H[arvard] C[ollege] and do again pray that the said arrears may be dismist and that I and my heirs may be discharged therefrom. I shold not ask it, if I were not in need of your indulgence, with all respect I am


    Your Obedient Servant

    F. Foxcroft.

    College Papers, 1. 68 (No. 144). At its meeting on October 21, 1724 the Corporation accepted the bequest of Thomas Danforth, former College Treasurer, who died in 1699. They also accepted Col. Foxcroft’s explanation of his payments to date, and directed Tutor Flynt to procure a copy of the codicil. See CSM Publications, xvi. 515. A copy of Flynt’s note to Foxcroft is in No. 264, along with other efforts by Flynt to learn about Wills of benefit to the College. Foxcroft married a daughter of Thomas Danforth; he died in 1727.