423 Queries About Rowley Lands


    Queries about College interest in Lands in Rowley given by the Reverend Mr. Ezekiel Rogers.

    College Committee 1726287 say, cowbridge Marsh, 10 Acres.

    Rowley Records, under Mr. Lambert’s hand, say 20 Acres.

    Committee say, 6 Acres at Satchel’s fresh meadow; Rowley Records say, 10 Acres. What’s the meaning of this difference, could not College Committee get a true information, when inquiring about the premises?

    Further, did the church and town of Rowley pay £160 to Mr. Ezekiel Rogers of Ipswich, as Mr. Rogers’s will directed? If anything was done in this matter, is there any Record of it? If nothing was paid to Mr. Rogers, how can Rowley claim any of Mr. Rogers’s Lands and the College not have all? If Rowley did pay £160 as the Will directs, do they apply the income of the Lands they have by said payment, to the support of the Gospel Ministry among them?

    • Has the College any right in the oxpastures West and East?
    • Has College any right in Hog-Island. Marsh, is any thing on record about it?
    • Has College any right in the 24 Acres laid out to Mr. Rogers at Hawk-Meadow?
    • Has the College Right in a place called mill-swamp?

    Rowley Lands Papers. These queries, apparently by Wadsworth, were presumably directed to the new committee on Rowley lands, set up in the spring of 1735.