288 Thomas Hollis to John Leverett

    London February 4, 1723/4

    Reverend Sir

    I received your packet and letter dated November 5 by Capt. Osborn. I thank you for the coppys of your pleadings in relation to the non Resident Fellows. I read them over, and left them in Mr. Neales hands. I hope it will ishue well—and submit it. I understand Colonel Shutes Opposers have made tedious long Answers to his memorial, but do not understand any resolutions are yet formed in his affaire. The Kings long stay in Germany has delaied the Parlaments sitting till January, and whether it will come before them, or be done in Councill, I cant yet tell, the K. of Spaines resigning his Crown to his Son causes many speculations into the thing, whether it be from superstition as some pretend, or from secret views to the Crowne of France as others, time must shew. I presume you received the College draft of an obligation to me which I returned last yeare by Capt. Cary, I think dated Sept. 28 and am now waiting for the return of it ingrossed and sealed as I directed.

    I have received Mr. Tresurers accounts, and they are to my satisfaction, one thing I desire of Mr. President, and then I may have them earlier the current yeare, that is, that you would give your orders in July to the Tresurer to pay what is then due for the Exhibitions. I did my part last yeare ordering moneys, that he might have cash in July to do it, fearing the Interest money would not come in, in time, but yet it was some months after by the accounts ere they were paid. Likewise it would please me, on acceptance of new Students to have more timely notice. The Five new ones you propose I approve but your letter being dated 4 months after Election, makes it nine months before you receive answer, which if I should disaprove of any might be a discouragement as well as disappointment. I have received a letter from C. Chauncy68 in lattin and English, pray thank him for it. I comunicated it to his Unkle Nesbit, who yet continues alive, but lame of the Palsy and very useles. I did signify to the students by you, that if every one of them sent me letter once a yeare, while they are on my foundation, would not be a very great task, but I think I have none from any gone off, or remaine but this now mentioned, and Samuel Mathers oration Englisht. I hinted my thoughts formerly, and am of same opinion now, some of your College money would be well laid out in supporting an Agent for your College affairs at Court, under your present dangers. If your after thoughts, have dispacht one, as may arive here in April I beleive it may be of service, in case of alterations to get the best terms they could, and to put Governour Shute in mind what they would have done, he being hearty in the affaire for your Servise what he can, to do what you would have him do. He loging at so great a distance from me, I have seldome the happines of seeing him. I have a letter from Mr. Nathaniel Appleton69 your neighbour dated November 6. pray return him my thanks for it, and that I condole with him on the death of the valluable Mr. Henry Gibbs.

    Your own letter dated Sept. 3 came to hand at same time with that of November 9th alreddy mentioned, and thank you for the Perticular account you give me of the Students, which as I said before I approve of. I hope you are so kind to your selves to keep a Register of the names of these Students and some Minutes of their Success. I should have been glad to have had one Baptist Student amongst these 5 new ones, there being so great a want of Baptist preachers in America. I do not find one from South Carolina to Boston that has any tolerable degree of Learning; the cheife preacher amongst them in Pensilvania where the Baptists have many Churches and in New Jersey being dead about a year since. They sent letters to London for a supply, but no one is yet perswaded to go over. I advise them to apply to Boston to see what may be done. It is the like now at Charlestown in South Carolina, the Baptist Minister is dead, as also the Independent Minister. I am told application is made to Boston for the latter, whose place perhaps you may supply. I wish you could the Baptist also, who are able to allow a comfortable maintenance for a small family. I have received divers letters last fall from Mr. Colman—and one from Mr Professor—and from others. I thank them all for their Love and write to some of them now in answer. If I do not to every one in perticular pray have me excused as occasion may offer. I received a hansome letter from Mr. William Welsted resident fellow of your College dated June 20, the which I answered Sept. 24 by Capt. Cary. Pray tell him.

    Feb. 6. Capt. Barlow who is arived and Dr. Cook. I understand the said Capt. Cary was a missing ship which I am sorry for. The draft of your College obligation to me I returned by him. I now write to Mr. Tresurer Hutchinson about it, supposing he has a Coppy; if not you will make a new one to your own Mindes and send it to me first conveniency.

    I sent you Whistons book called a new Theory of Earth to sett by Burnets. Both are learned and ingenuous, I think fitt for a library. I wish those books and letters may come safe to your hands, and what I now send also in Capt. Osborn.

    Feb. 7 I waited on Governor Shute last night, who had received his packets by Barlow. He shewed me your letter of November 10. I think he seems ready to do any thing for good of your College, but he says he knows little, yet is willing to be informed by your Agents, in propper time. As yet he knows not what will be determined of one sort or another, he hopes it will be shortly. This day I received your letter by Capt Barlow dated January 6. When the Box of Catalogues70 come to hand, I shall distribute them as Mr. Tresurer and Mr. Colman by their letters have directed me. I have alredy in 2 or 3 letters by Capt. Osborn signified my satisfaction in what the Corporation have done with respect to my Professor, and I declare the same to you Sir also.

    May you be long preserved usefull to the Churches, and Head of that nursery of learning, with Purity and holines in Love is the desire of

    Deare Sir

    Your very humble Servant

    Thomas Hollis

    For Mr. President Leverett

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.