301 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London June 3, 1724

    Reverend Sir

    In April our Governour Ashurst wrote to our Tresurer by Captain Winter, which I hope is safe arrived, and hope for agreable answers. I wrote unto you 21 April by the same ship, and by divers others this Spring, and hope for some answers shortly. I read it in your Boston Gazet of March 14 I think that Capt. Cary was arived last from Berbados, and conclude you have my packet at last by him of letters and the draft of your College security to me for my donations to them, which you will soon perfect. I have in a former letter advised you of the receipt of all your letters you referred unto. And Mr. Harris tells me he has writ a long letter for you, and a small parsel of his owne works for the College, which I suppose he will send by this ship. And by your Brothers assistance, your Brothers workhouse is now finisht, and he has begun to work. He was so kind to take a dinner with me yesterday—is very well. He will write you the needfull informations, about Governor Shute, and Dr. Cooks replys to his memorialls, before the Attorny and the Sollicitor generalls at their first hearing, and they proceed on the same this day; when finisht will be laid before the King in Counsill, and I apprehend will be issued in a new charter. I wish you have given some one full Instructions and money (that sine qua non) to attend your College Concerns. I cant be an attendant on affairs at court. I have not capacity nor address for it now, what papers Mr. President Leveret sent me I committed to Mr. D. Neale. He also attends the Hearings, which I have thought fitting to decline.

    Mr. Partridg the Quaker tells me he attended the King and Counsill on behalf of some Quakers and Baptists imprisoned I think he said at or neare Bristol about Parish sesses96 to the Minister, and that it was highly resented, the Men ordred to be set at liberty and moneys refunded, and care taken to prevent the like for the future. I am not Master enuf of the story, to judg on it. I pray God preserv your valluable libertys, you have as a People or Body politick need to act with great caution and Prudence both in Civil and Religious matters. You have many who envy them and wait to catch at every slipp is made, aggravate and misrepresent you as Enemies to Cesar, and moving towards Rebellion. I sent lately by [blank] a parsel of books of Mr. Watts writings he presents to the College library. I hope are well arrived, and that others will follow. My Brother John Hollis has newly buried a very valluable Son Samuel Hollis Aet. 24 after 3 days bad Fever, is a great loss to the family. Mr. Hunt preacht on that Occasion a wise Sermon which is desired to be printed.

    My Nepheu Richard Sollys young Son died last night about 3 weeks old. We waite to Heare Samuel Solly safe arrival with you, who sailed with Capt. Letherid, as we wrote you word. My owne most valluable Sister, Ladds, is in a languishing Condition with a Cancer. Thus we are exercised by a wise God in his providences, who knows how to make all things work together for Good to his children.

    My Love to you and to such as inquire after

    Your Loving Friend

    Tho. Hollis

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Colman in Boston.

    [Endorsed:] No. 32, answered August 28.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 53.