453 Agreement about Narragansett Land

    At a Meeting of the President, Mr. Flynt, Dr. Wigglesworth and Mr. Steward Bordman Nov. 7, 1738

    Agreed that Mr. Flynt be desired to draw Lease between the College and Mr. Cleaveland according to the agreement has been made with him, viz. 12 years Term and 30 acres cleared &c. Agreed also that Mr. Flynt be desired to write with respect to Reynolds Affairs that We are [enclined?] to think that we shall come into one of the Proposals.[…]296 but as it is a considerable affair we propose that we see the place before we fix it which we can’t think of Doing till next Summer after the Commencement, and it is to be understood that we expect sufficient security for his performance of the Articles when they shall be fixed.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 7. This is on the back of No. 445.