339 Timothy Cutler to Samuel Grey

    [Boston, New England, October 22 1726]

    This Oldmixon did heretofore pass some bitter Reflections on Dr. Mather’s History of New England which Dr. Mather hath sufficiently resented. And it is pleasant to observe that Dr. Mather in a late book called Manuductio,194 which by my next I may send you, hath highly extolled this Critical History and hath lately had the pleasure to know the Author of it. The Books we put forth are unworthy of our reading but the Books we have might teach us better, as you may see by the enclosed Catalogue. It is a pity that College is in such hands. But our Dissenters are more careful to preserve it so than we are that it should be otherwise. As a Minister of this Town the College Charter makes me an Overseer of this College, but their spite hath admitted me to be cited never but one time out of 100 meetings which they have had. I have now entered a Complaint but how it will work, the Lt. Governor being a Dissenter, I know no.… You will please to give my Duty and Service to the Reverend Dr. Lang, Dr. Dickens and Mr. Mickleburgh and all other worthy gentlemen that think of me. My Wife is with me in Humble Respects to Mrs. Grey and yourself.… Mr. Harris195 is a sore mortification to us in every good design, so that I fear we shall be hindred in printing your worthy Answer to Dr. Mather. That person refused reading prayers out last Sunday for Miles196 who was greatly indisposed; and this is but one out of a thousand instances of the Beastliness of the man. A good for nothing Clergyman one of his great Abettors is now I hope taking his final leave of us.

    Corporation Papers. This is taken from a printed catalog, issued by George D. Smith in August, 1914. Timothy Cutler (A.B. 1701), minister of Christ’s Church, Boston, pursued his efforts to attend meetings of the Overseers. Further documents in the controversy appear later. Both Samuel Gray and John Lang (mentioned in the body of the letter) were pastors in this general period of St. Peter’s Parish, Va.