471 John Crocker to President Holyoke

    H.C. January 16, 1741/2

    To the Reverend President of Harvard College. Sir having received a horse to go home the 12th of this instant but upon account of the Deposion I have given concerning Mr. Prince’s Affair, was detained by Mr. Mayhew, you being absent, till this Day, this is therefore humbly to Desire, my horse having been for some time and still is on charge, liberty to go home, which if you will be pleased to grant you will greatly oblige

    your obedient pupill,

    John Crocker.

    College Papers, 1. 81. John Crocker (A.B. 174.3) was from Barnstable. He refers to the dismissal of Fellow and Tutor Nathan Prince in 1742; Joseph Mayhew, already a Tutor, succeeded Prince as a Fellow also.