480 Francis Willett to Henry Flynt

    No. Kingstown October 29th, 1744


    Your Tennant Mr. Rennolds has this day been with me, and has a desire of disposeing of his Lease, which he says he cannot do without the leave of those concerned; the Reason he gives for it is that he grows old, and not able to undergoe so much labour as must be don on that farme. The person whome he has a minde to assigne his lease to (if the Corporation think fitt) is an honest industrus man and I beleave will make you a Tennant equal with Rennold. His name is John Dauley. I know nothing of what agreement they have made but am desired to informe you thereof, and your Tennant Rennolds desires your Answer by the barer hereof. My Mother and Wife, and the Rest of my family is in health. I am Sir with all due Respects your Kinsman and Humble Servant

    Francis Willett

    P.S. Renolds expects to stand bound to the Corporation as he doth and he will take security of Dauley.

    [Addressed:] To Henry Flint Esq. att Cambridge.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 13.