261 Account of Wigglesworth’s Installation

    [October 24 1722]

    Mr. Edward Wigglesworth was installed in the office of Professor of Divinitia, in the College Hall, at Cambrige N. E. Oct. 24, 1722. The Corporation and Overseers of the College being duely notified before hand, met at College on the day abovementioned. Sundry Gentlemen were present, besides the students of the Colledge. About Noon they went into the College Hall, Mr. Wadsworth24 (at President Leverett’s desire) began with prayer; which prayer being ended, the President made a short speech in Latin, and then Mr. Wigglesworth took his oaths to the civil Government. They were read to him by Sir Quincey,25 and Judge Sewal and Judge Townsend subscribed as those before whom he swore. Then were read (by the President) Mr. Hollis’s Rules and orders to be observed by, and with reference to, his Professor of Divinitie. The promises or ingagements which those rules required to be made at the Professor’s Installment were made by Mr. Wigglesworth singly and particularly as they were proposed to him by the President. Next to these things Mr. Wigglesworth made a very good Latin oration. That being ended, the President by way of transition had a few words in Latin, which he ended in desiring Mr. Colman to go to prayer; accordingly, Mr. Colman made the concluding prayer. After this, part of the 122 psalm was sung, this being ended the Assembly brake up. And then as soon as the dinner could be brought into the Hall, the Gentlemen went to dinner, that being ended, every one went his way.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 33.