460 Minutes of Farm Committee Meeting

    Sept. 5th 1739

    At a meeting of the President, Mr. Flynt, Dr. Wigglesworth, Mr. Steward Boardman, a Committee of the Corporation appointed. It is agreed that the President and Mr. Flynt or some other person be desired to goe up to Narraganset and enquire into the state of things on the farms leased to Messrs Reynolds and Cleaveland and make the best judgment they can on Mr. Reynolds’s proposals and on what he alledges concerning his house’s costing him £15 more than was agreed for and about paying for Cleavelands appletrees and that Mr. Flynt write another Letter to Captain Pease and Cozen Willet desiring dispatch in sending to us information from Reynolds and offering to pay the charge of it and therein inform Reynolds that we intend to come up the week after next and desire an answer by next post. And that the abovesaid Mr. President and Mr. Flynt or another Gentleman be desired if they se cause to offer Reynolds and Cleaveland that if they take the trouble of prosecuting Mrs. Cole or any other person under her for trespass they shal have what they can recover and shal have a power of attourney for that end.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 10. There are several interlineations, and a few numbers at the end of the sheet. On August 20, 1739, the Corporation appointed a committee to consider the proposals of Peter Reynolds; CSM Publications, xvi. 691.