448 Invoice and Letter from Joseph Mico

    London the 4th March 1737/[38]

    Invoice of One small Box of Goods Shipt on board the Union, John Homans Master bound for Boston in New England on the proper Account of the President and Fellowes of Harvard Colledge, and Consigned unto Mr. John Edwards, who will on receipt deliver it to Col. Edward Hutchinson Treasurer to said Colledge, on payment of Four shillings for the freight, and any other Small charges he may pay on Account thereof, Viz:

    H ↑ C One Small Box qt. 17 ¾ Yards Rich white Sattin ground Brocade ½ Ell wide at 8/

    7. 2.

    24 Yards Green Ditto ½ Yd. wide at 6/

    7. 4.

    No. 1 1 Doz. Ivory Fans

    – .18.0

    2 1 Doz. Ditto

    1. .

    3 1½ Doz. Ditto


    4 2 Doz. Ditto

    3. .

    5 10 Fans at 3/


    Box &c.

    –. 1.

    Charges on the above till on board, Viz:

    22. 8.

    Part charge of Entering the above and sundry small shipping charges

    – 4.

    To my Commission being for the service of the Colledge

    –. –.


    Errors Excepted

    Joseph Mico.

    London the 4th March 1737/[38]


    I have your favours of the 22d December, and according to your order, have sent you per the Union, John Homans Master (on account of The President and Fellowes of Harvard Colledge) one small Box qt. 2 pieces of Silk, and some Ivory Stick Fanns (whereof the above is Invoice) amounting to £22.12.0 which I have past to their Debt, and shall gladly hear comes safe to hand, and to satisfaction. It will be delivered to your order, by Mr. John Edwards of your town, being included in a Bill of Lading amongst some Goods now sent him. Please to pay him four shillings for the freight, and also any petty charges he may be at about it. You will find the Peece of White Ground Silk very good and cheap; it cost the Mercer near double the money now charged at. It was cut through with a design to be made up, and afterwards returned on his hands. However with a little good contrivance of the Mantua Makers, it will be not much the worse, and considering the breadth is not much above your price of 6s per yard. You have herewith the Colledges Account Currant, as closed on my Books, to the 31st December last, the Ballance of which in their favour then was £22.14.11½ and was past to the Credit of their New Account. Pray examine and let me know how you find it, that I may note it accordingly. Mr. Healy gives his service and thanks you kindly for the enquiry your have made about his Son; he has not yet heard anything of him. I am with great respect.


    Your most humble Servant

    Joseph Mico.

    To Col. Edward Hutchinson, Boston.


    Dr. The President and Fellowes of Harvard Colledge Their Account Current.


    February 15

    To Cost &c. of Goods per the Cambridge



    September 12

    To Ditto per the Susannah

    23. 5. 7

    November 12

    To Cash paid Col. Hutchinson’s Bill on me to Henry Newman

    20. –.

    March 16

    To Cost &c. of a plume of feathers per the Cambridge

    –.10. 8


    October 9

    To Ditto of a box of Lace per the Susannah

    16.16. 2


    February 7

    To Ditto of Ditto per the Cambridge

    6.12. 6


    August 15

    To Cash paid Henry Newman by order of Col. Hutchinson Dated 24th February last

    20. –. –


    February 18

    To Cost &c. of a Box of Lace per the Cambridge

    20.19. 1


    May 18

    To Ditto of Ditto per the Elizabeth

    14.16. 7


    April 6

    To Ditto of pieces black Silk per Benjamin and Sarah

    18. –. –

    December 31

    To my Commission on Money received and paid as above, and per Contra, being for the Colledg.

    0. –. –

    To Postage of Letters from 1728 to this Day

    – .9. 7

    159. 8. 0

    To the New Account for Ballance hereof due to the President & Fellowes of the Colledge


    182. 2.11½


    £ S D


    November 16

    By R. Mico’s Estate for Ballance of their Account as per Account sent

    8.14. 7½


    August 22

    By Cash at Christs Hospitall for 1 years produce of Mr. Pennoyers Legacy to Michelmas 1728

    23.15. 3


    June 3

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1729

    19. 5.10


    May 19

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1730

    16.16. ½


    June 6

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1731

    6.10. 1½


    June 20

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1732

    20.16. 1


    July 9

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1733

    19.15. 6


    September 8

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1734

    14.10. 5


    August 9

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto to Ditto 1735

    18. 1. 6


    August 19

    By Ditto at Ditto for Ditto including 20s short paid last year to Ditto 1736

    22.17. 7

    September 15

    By Nett Bounty on wro’t Silks sent per the Benjamin and Sarah in April Last

    1. –. –

    £182. 2.11½

    London the 31st December 1737

    Errors Excepted

    Joseph Mico

    Treasurer’s Papers. RC. Joseph Mico collected Pennoyer rents for the College from 1729 to 1772; his father and his grandfather served in the same capacity.