400 President Wadsworth to Ammi Ruhamah Cutter

    Cambridge Dec. 26, 1732.

    For the Reverend Mr. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter of North Yarmouth;

    Reverend Sir

    I lately wrote you a Letter, which I thought Mr. Goldthwait would have delivered to you, but he went no farther hence than York. In it I acknowledged my Receipt of yours since you was last here, whether you have received mine or not, I can’t tell; nor do I remember all the particulars in it, though I do the main import of it, viz. to get the best information thats to be had about Merricaneag Neck. I now desire you in the name of the Corporation, to get Mr. Cornelius Soul and some other substantial person with him, to go to Merricaneag, and inform themselves as distinctly as may be, who dwell on or possess said Neck, what are their several names with the additions (such as Smith, Carpenter, yeoman &c.) on what part each of’em dwells, how long he has possessed there, how much Land he pretends to hold, by what title or under whom; and if any have Leases, to see those Leases if they can, observing from whom and for how much land and how long time. Inform asto what trespasses have been committed and by whom. Let Mr. Soul and the person that goes with him plainly write down the Information they get upon the foresaid inquiries, and send us a copy of what they shall thus write subscribed by both of them, let them be so sure of the information they send as to be able to swear to it in court if there should be occasion. When these things shall be done, please to send a true and just account of what shall be due to Mr. Soul and Partner for their time and pains, and the Corporation will take care to see it paid. I should be glad to know particularly, how many and who, possess the Neck, below the lower carrying place; and what person or persons the College had best to sue first by a writ of Ejectment; and whom for Trespasse. Please to excuse my thus troubling of you. Your Humble Servant,

    B. Wadsworth

    Merricaneag Neck Papers.