373 President Wadsworth to Ammi Ruhamah Cutter

    Cambridge, Oct. 1, 1730.

    Reverend Sir

    Your Letter of Aug. 10, signed by you, Esq. Moodey and Mr. Mountfort, together with the draught of Merricaneag Neck &c. came to hand by Mr. Mountfort; I thank you and the other Gentlemen for the care you’ve taken in the College service. The Corporation voted, that the Treasurer should pay nine Pounds to Mr. Mountfort, according to the Bill of Cost you have drawn, to reward you and the other Gentlemen for your trouble. I desire that you and other Gentlemen would still inspect our affairs, and inform us from time to time, of anything that might be for the interest of the College. We have put in a memorial to the General Court, petitioning that the Grant of Merricaneag Neck of Land and a thosand Acres, adjacent, made to the College Feb. 7, 1682/3 might be bounded out to us; if therefore any should pretend to survey and bound out, any of said Lands, unless as doing it by the General Courts order and for the College, I pray you would please to advise them to forbear. I dont mean that any should use the least violence on our behalf in this case. I should be glad also, if in like manner you would advise any that shall attempt to make strip and wast on said Lands, to forbear or desist, that so the College may not be hurt in their Interest. If from any ancient Records of North Yarmouth, or from any ancient persons, you can give us any well grounded information about Merricaneag and Lands adjacent I should be glad of it. Has the whole neck generally, in times past, been called Merricaneag, even from the point that runs farthest into the sea to that place 40 poles over near Mare Brook; or was only some part of it so called? You need not make much noise in this inquiry, but let me have a plain information, I should be glad to know (if information could be got in some seemingly careless and transient way of discourse) whether Gatchel who lives near Cole’s old settlement and pretends to hold under Boon, would take a Lease from the Corporation of which he possesses, in case they would let it on reasonable termes. In these matters I desire nothing for the College, but what is just and honest; but inasmuch as some pretend to Rights which I know nothing of I should be glad to have our affairs managed as prudently as may be, and that we may be well informed and do our best to secure the interest of the College.

    Benja. Wadsworth

    For the Reverend Mr. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter in North Yarmouth.

    A true Copy

    Merricaneag Neck Papers.