348 Corporation Vote

    At a Corporation Meeting in the Library at Cambridge, May 12, 1727. The Rules and orders of the worthy Mr. Hollis of London, relating to a Professor of Mathematicks, of Natural and Experimental Phylosophy being signed, sealed and witnessed in Form, were read; together with Letter from Mr. Hollis to Mr. Treasurer and Mr. Colman, Incouraging the Election of Mr. Isaac Greenwood into said Professorship; Mr. President thereupon proposed to the Corporation, whether they were ready to preceed to the Election of a Professor, voted unanimously, that they were ready.

    And accordingly the Corporation proceeded to write their votes, and Mr. Isaac Greenwood was unaminously chosen.

    Voted, that the said Election be speedily laid before the Honourable and Reverend Overseers for their Approbation.

    A true copy. Benjamin Wadsworth President

    Corporation Papers. Minutes of this meeting appear in CSM Publications, xvi. 551, but this vote is not included. The Overseers approved of the choice on May 27, 1727.