487 Belcher Hancock’s Report on Narragansett Farm

    [May 1 1748]

    Mr. Cleaveland has twenty five acres under improvement for mowing and plowing, 30 acres subdued for pasturing, and will fence 4 Acres fit for Breaking up, wintered nine head of horn Cattle, 2 horses, 29 sheep, but no trees set out yet.

    Mr. Reinolls says he has now two Hundred Acres Fenced of which seven Acres is now planted with corn and 4 sown with Oats and clover and 25 mowed and the rest is pasture. He says the Farm kept last summer 30 horn Cattle, 6 horses and 50 sheeps, wintered 15 head of Horn Cattle. There is upon the farm but about 12 Apple-trees and says he will set out the rest this fall according to lease. He has not mowed down any brush in the Pasture since last August was 12 month. The pasture mowing land is pritty full of Brush. Mr. Cleaveland says he will sett out the orchard this fall.

    Mr. reinolds improves the farm by his son.

    Belcher Hancock

    Dec. 20 1748 Palmer Cleaveland says Peter Reynolds has bought a farm about 5 miles northerd of the College farm and is living on it and left his son on the College Farm, that he thinks he has a [100.0d?] pound at Interest at half a crown per annum per pound, that he has planted no orchard nor any thing like it, that the fences are out of repaire, that 200 cord of wood has been sould and carryed of the reserved land, and hay sould of the Land. Evidences named are said Cleaveland, Job Trip, Jeremiah Gardner, widdow Wait. Reynolds son has stock 2 or 3 Cowes and perhaps 2 or 3 young calves, 1 Horse, about 40 Sheep and for help a boy about 10 or 12 years old in the clearing land.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 14. Belcher Hancock (A.B. 1727) was a College Tutor. These notes are written on the back of an order for a chaise, to carry the party from Newport to Boston; it reads as follows:

    Mr. Pate

    Boston May 23 1748

    Sir these Gentlemen by whom I write are my Friends and Sir thay will want a Chear to Boston which I shall be oblidged to you if you will be so good on my Recomendation as to supply them with a good one which thay will satisfie you for and if your Chears should be fully imployed pray the favor you will asist them in geting one for ail which you shall be greatfuly pay by your assured Friend

    Anthony Brackett

    To Mr. Mathew Pate in Newport These.