401 Directions for College Attorney

    Dec. 26, 1732.

    Directions for the College Attorney, who is to appear on behalf of said College at next Inferior Court at York (1) dont act on the College behalf at said Court, unless you find some writ has been served on some Possessor or Trespasser on Merricaneag Neck (2) Procure the best information you can about Possessors of any part of said Neck, what part of the Neck they possess, their names with the additions how long they have dwelt there, what claim or Title they pretend to; and also what trespasses have been committed, and by whom; and give said information to the Corporation of the College (3) Search York Records, and inquire of aged persons, or others that can inform; who were esteemed Sagamores of Casco Bay, about the year 1672, and whether Robin Hood and Sagattawon, Sagamores, sold any Lands in Casco Bay, besides part of Merricaneag to Cole and Purrington. (4) If there be an evident Flaw in the writ that may have been served, dont enter the action (5) If the writ abates, dont appeal unless you see just cause (6) If the case comes to a Tryal and the College is cast, then appeal, and retain a Lawyer for the College, the most sufficient you can, against the time of that Court you appeal to. Inquire with as little noyse and observation as may be, who are the two sloop-men at York, that have been much imployed this year or of late years, in carrying off Wood, timber, staves or any Lumber from Merricaneag, to what Towns and to what persons they cheifly carryed the same.

    Dec. 27, 1732. Memorandum, the Corporation agreed to give to Mr. Gof alias Trowbridge thirteen pounds for his appearing and acting on the behalf of the College at the two next Inferior Courts at York, £10 for his first going and acting, and £3 for the next; and if the College should finally recover, then Mr. Goff to have the travelling Fees, 2s for 10 miles, and attendance money viz. 2s per day.

    A true copy. B.W.

    [Endorsed:] Directions for Mr. Edmund Goff alias Trowbridge Attorney for the College at York Court.

    Merricaneag Neck Papers. The Corporation voted that Trowbridge (A.B. 1728) represent them at York Court; CSM Publications, xvi. 607. Trowbridge was brought up by his uncle, Edmund Goffe, and assumed his name, but on his uncle’s death in 1740, reverted to Trowbridge. There are notes on the back as to “names of the sloop men,” but these appear also in Goffe’s report (No. 403). Probably written by Henry Flynt; Benjamin Wadsworth certified the true copy.