482 Farm Committee Appoints Flynt

    [July 1745]

    Whereas the Committee for the Coll[ege] Farm at Narraganset have been informed by Judge Willet of N. Kingston that one of the Tennants upon said Farm viz. Peter Reynolds, hath desired to have leave to Assign his Lease to some one besides himself, the said Committee therefor think it proper, before any such thing be done that some meet Person should go up to Narraganset to view said Farm and see what is done upon it already according to his Lease, and also to speak of the Person to whom said Reynolds desires to assign his Lease and understand if it may be whether or not he be a Person proper to admit in the room of the said Peter Reynolds, and of this to make report to the Corporation. We therefore think it proper to desire Mr. Flynt who is one of this Committee, to undertake the above Affair at the Charge of the College, and make the said Report, and also when there, to inspect into the Management of the part of said farm hired by said Cleaveland and make report of that also.

    Edwd. Holyoke In the name of the above mentioned Committee.

    [Endorsed:] “Appointment of Mr. Flynt by the Narraganset Committee to go and see the Coll[ege] Farm there. July, 1745.”

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 13. A paragraph in shorthand is on the reverse.