274 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London June 3, 1723

    Deare Sir

    I wrote unto you the 10 May by Capt. Readshaw, since which I have not received any from you, yet am willing to take this opportunity, and to send you a Sermon preacht by our Pastor on occasion of the death of Mr. Neville55 a member of our Society, supposing it may be a pleasure to you to read over. He was a member of Parlament for Berwick—the Lord Barrington was the other Member, who was lately expelled the house, on which occasion Mr. Hunt preacht to the Family an excellent discourse, a good man shal be satisfied from himself. My Lord has desired it may be printed, if it be, I think to send you one, to tack to the other, and thereby you will see some thing of the temper of the 2 Members from Berwick. Two such Gentlemen as no one Corporation in Brittain can now boast of, who had Religion and Liberty at heart.

    Yesterday we had one man of your name added to our little Church who made a very good confession of his Faith, Hope and Resolution becoming an improved Christian, but how few of such a character present themselvs now to the Lord in this manner, is matter of lamentation, but we are glad there are a few. Mr. Cutler since his ordination has been at Cambridg and they have complimented him with the Degree of Doctor and his companion Mr. Johnson56 with M. A. I feare at their return to Boston they wil be an occasion of greif to many. Your United Ministers address to K. G. [King George] is now printed in our news papers, but not much approved, because you make no mention of your Governour in it, a very great Omission, unles you are weary of him and desire a Change. He continues in Health, and was yesterday with his Brother the Lord Barrington worshipping with us, and heard Mr. Hunt preach. If he should return to Boston, possibly he may tell you how he liked the Preacher.

    We have had a very dry season a great while Winds at East are like to have very little Hay, Oats or Barley. Blessed be God the wheat and Rye as yet very promising.

    King George setts out this day for Holland and Hanover with a numerous attendance and leavs the administration of affairs in his absence to about 15 principal in the Ministry Lords Justices. Please to give one of the Sermons to my Professor and make my services acceptable to such as inquire after me.

    Deare Sir

    Your very Loving Friend

    Tho. Hollis

    [Endorsed:] No. 20.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 39.