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    68                           2         1666


    did Conditō that his Son Robt doe take of what He has

    misreported to others _____


    paper         This Evenning an act of the Councill at Boston Desiring

    for Cont     of the Churches a Contributiō to relieve some yt were

    =tibutiõ        spoiled of all at St Christophers [illeg.].[62] & ye Contrubutiō

    Read       ordered to be the next Sabbath.


    November. 4. 1666. this Even Br. Thomas Miller living now at Middleton

    Thomas         in Connecticut was guilty of Adultery wth his mayd. as was prooved by

    Miller          a Letter formerly frō Br. Harris to mr phillips & two testimonies in a Letter

    from Mr Allyn , & an extract out of ye Court Records there, under

    ye Secretary Clerk’s hand . Mr Phillips propounded it to ye Church

    & sayd in order to doe someth: farther Sc: Excommunicatiō next Sabbath

    mentioned it as needlesse to send to Him or for Him, from an Example

    of one Excommunicated by Water-town Church in England & not sent to

    yet  at ye Urgency of Some Brethren it was agreed, to send to Him

    to Come if he could. / No Vote. passd.


        N.B. 1. Church-acts are very commonly præsidentiall for ye future

    2. Mr Phill: Should have præmeditated more & seen strength to carry on

    what he propounded to them /

    We did send a Letter unsealed to Bro: Harris, to deliver to Bro: Miller ye Copy

    of wch vide M.S.           this was ye coppy of ye letter.   Bro: Miller _____

    th   The Church of Xt here at Rowley, of wch you yet remayne a mem-

    =ber  having some time since heard sad tidings concerning your

    fall into scandalous Evill of Uncleannesse, we were not a litle ____


                                       much as

    grieved for it, for as you have hereby wounded your own soule,


    & greatly dishonoured ye name of God, ye Gospell wch teacheth

    us to deny all ungodlynesse & wordly lusts Tit: 2.12.) & yr

    profession wch you have made ; And especially, we are grieved

    that we heare nothing, neyther from your Self, nor none else

    touching any Sound Repentance, but rather yt you are left to

    hardnesse of heart: truely, if God had humbled you we should

    have heard from you by writing, or seen you, before this

    time:  oh Brother! Sit down & aske your Self, what have you

    done ; Did you not hasten ye Death of your deare wife

    now at Rest , judge your self now, that you be not judged

    of ye Lord another day when every seecret thing shall be

    brought to Light judgment ; Consider yt Jer: 8. 4. True

    it is, that ye Scripture speakes as sadly of their case that have

    followed uncleane Lusts  Pro: 2. 17 . 2 Petr: 2. 9, 10.  Yet yr


    is Hope in Israel , if ye Lord help you to take shame to


    your self: oh yt Xt would look upon you wth that heart melting

    heart-humbling look , as once upon Peter , Luk: 22. 61.

    But we have not time to speak to you at this Distance as we

    would if you were wth us.  The Church hath Desired


    [62] Possibly a reference to the ongoing conflict between the French and English on the island of St. Kitt’s.