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    David Bayley be chosen to the Office of a



    Deacon in the Church, and After hearing

    Richard Easticks Reasons for neglecting atten-

    dance in the Lords Supper and Confession

    the Question was put Whether the Church was

    Willing to forgive him, and it passed in the



      At a Meeting of the Chh. Feb. 25. 1761.

    It was voted, that upon Brother Richard

    Easticks Confession of Blame in and Sorrow

    for his neglect of attendance on the Lords Sup-

    per, the Chh. forgives him that offence. But

    inasmuch as he shewed before the Chh. that He

    thought it a Gospel Priviledge to attend Lay-

    mens Preaching in Separate Separate Meetings

    on the Lords Day, The Chh. think themselves

    obliged to Warn him against Such a Practice

    as offensive and grievous to them destructive

    of the Order of the Gospel and dangerous to

    himself and therefore do earnestly exhort him

    to forbear such a practice. for


      At a Meeting of the Chh. Dec. 15. 1761. It

    was Voted That Major Thos. Gage Tho: Lan-

    caster & Deacon Bayley go to Jonathan Clark

    and tell him that the Chh. is dissatisfied with

    his Conduct and is not Willing that he should

    partake of the Lords Supper till the Chh. is better