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    84             150              1676.


     Wherin we conceive he has broaken the 5 comand, as alsoe finding fault

    with what the Church Expressed their agreement about, & that before several of or

    own Toun & theirs & that before he had spoaken a word to ye Church to convince

    ym of any evill yei had done in what yei agreed about,

    his contemptious & irreverent speeches to his aged uncle Deacon Jewitt saying you

    are ye cause of another Toun meeting by your disorderly going away from ye last when

    those yt suited yor turn were Chosen Select men you could stay & like it well

    Enough but when others were chosen yt pleased not you, then you brake away

    disorderly alsoe uncle was told [-] S P was speaking what care I who is speaking

    2 his breach of the 9th comand in yt though he had lifted up his hand to

                                                                     upon ye set

    the councills determination yet as a ringleader to ye Tounsmen he cals to

    know ye Touns mind for Mr Shepards preeching againe & when it was voted


    in that way it was went & he onely of ye church yt I know of to that compa

    ny that were for voating; he never came to me nor noe one of ye church but

    one to speak about trying the churches mind ffor Mr Shepards preching

     3 he has alsoe violated the 8 comand wch requires that we noe way wrong another

    in yt wch is their due but he publicly before church & Toun sayd yt noe more


    was to be allowed to S P but 60lb a year & he would pay his share for any

    more & before the Toun he sayd he would for a greater man pay all above


    60lb a year: now this was very unrighteous that I should have not a penny

    incorragemt for my years labour nor soe much by 10lb as I had when yr was

    two; wch was aggravated in yt he considerd not hims to act soe unrighteously

    himself but stird up church & Toun what in him lay to doe as he did.

    It was shown him that his unchristian carriage in these things was much

    aggravated by ys yt he was leader now the cheif in military affairs yt

    he should be a leader in disorderly carriage & ye cheif instrument to break ye

    churches peac again

    he was warned as ye apostle charges such shall be 1 Thess 5 14 & desi

    red to consider of those Scriptures 6 prov 14 & 15 18 & 21 24 & 28 25 &

    29 22. as alsoe 2 Tim 3: 2 3 4 disobedient to parents truce breakers feirc

    heady highminded these Evills have in noe little degree appeared in him

    It was shown him also that in these thing he had very much walked

    contrary to ye solemn Covenant he made wth God & his pp when he was

    admitted a member : wch agreemt[57] is vide at ye beginning of church records

    Though these offences were publick yet thinking it might be most loving

    & freindly to speak of them to him in private I accordingly soe did

    The use he made of it was to present what followes is wrighting.


             Philip Nelson his answer to the accusations layd to his


    I for my own part cannot but be deeply sensible of the great displeasure

     of the most holy God in these unhappy divisions that are amongst

     us (especially in ys day of Jacobs trouble) when or country is turned as it

    were into a feild of blood, for those many provocations that have bin &

    are found amongst us, & I pray God that we in this place by or unbrother

    =ly contest have had noe smal hand in ye procuring causes of these our

    desolations; & wherin my self have bin any way instrumentall to procure

    the same, I desire deeply to be humbled & in ye first place to bewayle the

    plague of my own heart: But as to the particulars wch our Reverend


    [57] Conjectural reading.