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    1670                         95



    [approximately half a blank page]


     To the church of Christ wch is at Rowley both Elder & brethren

       grace & peace be with you.[94]

    Reverend & beloved in the lord it is the portion that the God of all wis-

    =dome hath allotted this poor church to pass over the greatest part of or

    time in this wildernesse in great divisions & contentions which cannot

    but occasion much purturbation of Spirit amongst our selves, & many

    thoughts of heart in or sister churches round about us : That we above

    all others should thus unquietly pass the Days of our pilgrimage

    Living noe other time but the present moment that pass over us wch

    may be called ours : And the voyce of God still sounding in our

    hears to day if you will hear his voyce then harden not your

    hearts[95] : And we being Conscious that an Estate of Division & con

    tention in the Church of Christ is an inlett to much sin & Evill

    occurrences ; & that such customes are not to be allowed in the

    Church of Christ : And yet we are commanded to contend for

    the fayth once given to the Saints, wherby we doe confess that

    contentions against truth & against [----] Rule are onely ffor


    [94] This is from the dissenting brethren at Newbury; for background on the conflict there, see Cooper, Tenacious of Their Liberties, 145-49.

    [95] Heb. 3:15.