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     245       Deacon Bayley Chosen


    May the 3d 1758. The Chh. Voted

    That the Reasons given by Richard

    Eastick for his not attending on the

    Lords Supper, are not so Satisfying as

    that they are Willing to receive him to



     May. 27. 1758. John Dresser and Abigail

    his Wife appeared before the Chh. and con-

    fessed their Sin of Fornication & were forgiven.


    Feb. 18. 1759. Jonathan Stickney and Martha his

    wife appeared before ye Congregation & confessed their

    Sin of Fornication & were forgiven.


    Nov. 30. 1760 Stephen Palmer was dis-

    missed to the Chh. in Epping in New-



    Feb. 18. 1761. The Church met and vo-

    ted that Samuel Kelleys part of Contribution

    Money for the Lords Table be taken out of

    Justice Hales Donation, and Samuel Payson

    had Some Time before Such a Vote for himself

                              the value of

    Also Voted that each Communicant pay half


    a Pistareen apiece at each Contribution for

    The Support of the Lords Table, and put it in a

    Paper with their Names on it, or else Tis not to

    be placed to their accompt. Voted also that