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    January one Thousand Seven Hundred & 76

    ane acounte of the Children Baptised

    Solomon Lowell Son of Solomon


    Hannah Gage Daugr. of William Gage        Janu 10

    Dollie Bradstreet Daugr. of moses Juner: 







    Mary Bradstreet Daughter of Nathaniel Bradstreet

    David Dresser Son of amos

                                   March 18

    Appea Lambert Daugr. of Thomas

    Elizebath Todd Daugr. of Benjman . . April

    Elizebath marten the D of Nathaniel  May 12

    Eliphelet Jewett Son of Paul      

    Benjman Tenney Son of Benjman     

    William Spafard Jewtt S of Ephriam


    Thomas Jewett Son of Nemiah June 2

    Stephen Harris Son of Timothy

    Elizebath Sanders D of John

    Jenne Pickard D of Epheraim

    Sarah Pickard D of Joshua

    Jeremiah Jewett S of Arron