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    [253] [MS dam.][37] Sep 12.

    [254] [Br]idget Bointon. D. Joseph junr octobr.10

    This[38] was ye last child baptized in the

    old meeting house which house we

    left & went to worship God in our

    new house Nov. 7. 1697.      2nd Meet house[39]


    [25]5 Amos Stickney S. Andrew  janry. 2.

        This was ye first child that was

        baptized in or new meeting house.

    [25]6 Tamar Cresie D. Michael  ffeb 6.

    [25]7 Moses Bradstreet S. Moses.  ffebry 24.

    [25]8 Ruth Silver Dr Samll  March. 6.

    [25]9 Mary Harris D. Timothy  March 13.

    [2]60 Ebenezar Burtbe S. Thomas Aprill. 3.

    [2]61 Mehetabel Jewett D. Tjpmas. April 3

    [2]62 Sarah Look. D. Jonathan Aprill 3

    [2]63 Ebenezar Wheeler S. Jonathan 

                                       Gemini  April 20 baptised at his own [house][40]

    [26]4 Mehetabel Wheeler D. Jonathan             because one of ym was nigh its [end by]

                                               appearance yr were present yrof [two]

       others in full comunion & two more honest neighbours [illeg.]

    [26]5 Mehetabel Spaford D. Samll. May 10.

    [2]66 Joseph Brown S. John.  May 8.

    [2]67 Elizabeth Pore D. Henry  May 22.

    [2]68 Job Harris S. Nathll

                                   May. 29.

    [2]69 Gershom Tenney S. James

    [2]70 Mary Platts. D. James.  June 29.

    [2]71 Nathan Platts. S. Samll june 26.

    [2]72 John Bayley S. Jonathan.

                                   july 3.

    [2]73 Jane Pickard. D. Widow.



    [27]4 Samuel Hazen. S. Edward

                                   july 24.

    [2]75 Solomon Stewart S. James 


    [37] MS is damaged at top and along left margin; numerals in the left margin are supplied; digits supplied in brackets below restore the consecutive numbering.

    [38] Conjectural reading where MS is damaged at top and along left margin.

    [39] In different hand.

    [40] Interpolations at the end of this and following three lines are conjectural where edge of page is damaged.