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    82                            16   1667


    to see me sin so heynously agaynst God & to violate

    those bonds wch I ought to have maintayned wth her self

    & I cannot but conclude it was matter of bodily weak

    =nesse to her , God alone knows whither it did hasten her

    end yea or no. but I begge ye Lords pardon for my sin

    therein & desire yt God would help me to carry with self

    =abhorrence to carry it as my dayly burthen to my grave

    and yet doe humbly begge yr prayrs dayly for me at ye

    throne of grace , that ye Lord would for Xt his sake give

    me more & more , a genuine sight & sense of sin in

    general & this in special , that I may see it as it is in

    itself highly provoking to God, & ye Lord wd be pleased

    so to set it home to my heart  by his Spirit  yt I may

    show forth my true Repentance in an humble holy watch-

    =full walking before Him & that all ye dayes of my Life.

    As touching my coming to your selves I can say safely that

    I could willingly repent that wth my mouth wch I have done

    wth my pen , but for ys 2 reasons in Special. 1 from my

    leaving my family remote wth out Help , & the publick Im=

    ploymt I am in for the Town , wth my mill. wch Reasons I

    trust you will be pleased to count of weight.  I shall

    not trouble you further at present but doe once & agayne

    begge you would be owne pleased to own me as a

    poor Sinfull Brother & still to pray for me, who is

           Your unworthy Brother

    Attested by us

      Thomas Wetman                   Thomas       Miller

      Andrew Warner.                       his marke

    After ye Reading of these Bro Daniel Harris (the most favrable

    witnesse of his Repentance was present now & askt whither he

    could judge, Him pænitent or Not? He answered that he had some

    reflection in his mind, that he cd not not so fully & freely say if he

    was pænitent ––

    Hereupon it was propounded as a mr to be considered till next Sabb–

    =ath whither the sd Miller should be Censured ––

    Sept: 29  It was agayn mentioned, & Mr Collins his report to ye

    same purpose wth ye Testimony of ye 4 Brethren in yr L.r. mentioned


    Sc: His Conversation was Civill indeed, not as of one deeply sensible

    of yt sin.   And in ye Eyes of Brethren there he was such an

    one as that he thought ye Church hier would give off-

    =ence if they did not Excommunicate Him.   And it was

    then Voted yt ye sentence should be pronounced next Sabbath