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    May 26. 1771. Voted that the Request of the Letter from

    Candia relative tot he ordination of the Revd

    David Jewett there on the 5th of June next be granted,

    And that Messrs David Pickard & Joseph Scott be cho-

    sen to attend the proposed ordination Council there

            With the Pastor.


     June 23. 1771. Mrs. Hannah Morris dismissed

    from our Chh. to Boscawen ––



     Sep. 8. Deacon Mighil & Deac. Jewett chosen


    with the Pastor to attend the councill called for the

    ordination of Mr Manasseh Luther at Ipswich-Ham-

    let Sep. 11. 1771.


     Sep. 15, 1771. Ensign John Jewett & Eliphalet Jew-

    ett with the Pastor were chosen to attend the

    ordination Council at Barrington in New-Hamp-

    shire, called to meet there the 18th instant for the

               ordination of Mr David Tenney ––––––


    Dec. 25. 1771. Samuel Dresser & Jospeh Scott were

    directed by the Chh. to go and talk with David Hob-

    ten and Ephraim Hidden about the Reports we hear

    of their disorderly Walking and make return thereof

    to the Church


    May 17. 1772. Thomas Lambert junr and Apphia his

    Wife appeared before ye congregation confessed their

    sin of fornication were forgiven and restored to Charity.


    June 14. 1772, The Church voted that Lieut. Moses Bradstreet

    and Deacon Clark with the Pastor attend the Council called

    to be held at Concord 23. of this instant ––––