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                       6         1667


    There was read at ye same time a L.r from Daniel Harris

    the expressions wrof that Related to ye case were as followes

           (Midle-ton          May . 2. 1667.


    Honrd Sr  &c:  –––––––––   (Speaking in Returne to yt

    desire of ors to testify Tho: Millers fact, & whither God

    had given him Repentance. sayth ––– ) The fformer I

    conceive will be answrd by his own Letter of acknowledgmt

    wch I suppose will come to yr hands in a short time.

    ? the Letter I having * some scruples upon my Spirit

    that I could not in so short a time give an account of

    as I then declared to my Brother William. therefore

    have taken this Opportunity to write ye sorrowfull

    yet I hope glad tidings , It is most certayne ye just

    God who will be sanctifyed by all those yt draw neer


    to Him , hath in his just judgmt left or Brother Miller


    to fall from himself into yt pitt wr into ye abhorred

    of ye Lord fall , Yet I doe hope & yt not wthout

    grounded Confidence , yt ye Lord hath not cast him of

    for good[70] , but hath bin & is following of him wth Con-

    =victions, and yt unto true Humilliation under ye

    sight & sense of his sin, & the great dishonnour

    he hath brought unto ye Lord his God, My ground

    is this; I have to my poore abillity, taken some

    paines wth him in private, & have found Him in an

    Humble pænitent frame of Spirit, as also in ye publick

    Congregation he did make a Volluntary confession of his

    sin in a sollemne  heart-breaking manner, taking

    Shame to Himself:  giving glory to God, giving warning


    to Others  to beware of his fall , & to keep close to God


    it was to ye rejoicing of my Heart & did bring many

    teares from the Eyes of ye  Hearers : I cannot learn

    that he was put upon it by any man , & he doth pro

    =fesse to me yt it was only ye good pleasure of God

    & favour of God to put it into his Heart, and a

    Daily lying upon Him yt he who had bin a Reprovr

    of ye same vice , should be seen to be left of God to

    fall into it Hims: many other savoury expressions did come

    from Him wch are not at prsent in my mind therefore

    I shall adde no more ––––

                                       Daniel Harris

    It was noted yt Bro: William Harris who did send ye formr

    L.r to ye church was more Slow to Commend Or ye Like as ys D.

    There was at the same time also read other testimonyes


    in favorem        The coppy of wch was as followeth.

    [70] Conjectural reading; this word is either poorly formed or is written in shorthand.