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    marring but onely to satisfy a corrupt unclean heart; & could goe merrily to her

    marriage with neither though you knew how injuriously & wickedly you had dealt

    3 That you told soe many lyes in denying it if you consider what befell annanias & Zaphi


    ra his wife for one ly[54] you cause to wonder at Gods patience yt did not cast you down sudden

    ly to ye father of lyes oh every ly was a sad gash upon your conscience a black lyne re

    corded in yt book; & yt was after you had proposed yt you would give glory to god by con

    fessing your sin

    4 you are ye ringleader of uncleanness in ys place, which will be a sad blott upon you

    whilst you live thou yr shuld be true repentance 6 prov. 33: it was mentioned as a bloot

    against Paul yt he was a ringleader of ye sect of ye Nazarens 24 Acts 5. but what a blott

    to you to be a ringleader of fornication & whoredom in ys place

     Consider not onely what ye law denounceth against you for all yor sins especally for yt sin of uncleanness

    you have fallen into: 2 prov. 19. & 22 14. 13 Heb. 4 2 Pet 2.9.

    The church has long waighted for yor repentance & longer yn ordinarily in such cases: Its

    true as you have sayd yt repentance is not in your power; you could sin & dispise Gods al

    seing eye & comand but you cannot repent. , you have bin askt whether you sought of

    God to give you repentance but you gave noe answerer to yt & if prayer be not attended noe

    wonder yt your heart is shutt up. you have by yor light & vaine conversation made it Evident yt

    yr is very little if any thing of sorrow for your dishonouring God & greving his pp but

    are too like ym of whom it is sayd when yei had sined yn yei rejoyced 11 Jer 15.

    upon thes grounds the church has judged yt it is their duty to bear a publick testimony

    against your wicked & ungodly doings by laying you under ye censure of admonition, hope

    ing yt God will be pleased to bless that means for your awing & awakening & yt you

    may come to yor self more seriously to consider you wayse, & to ask yorself what you

    have done: you might well Expect a more dreadfull censure; your great uncleanness &

    mulitplied lyes has deserved that you should be cutt off from ye Church relation that

    you stand in: But the church as she has for soe long a time exercised patience to

    =wards you, soe she is not forward Suddenly to inflict upon you ye highest censure

    The Admonition

    I doe in ye name & authority of Xst Jesus & with ye consent of this church solemnly ad

    monish you Tho: Tenny Junior to abstain from fornication, & all other lusts which

    warr against your soul, & doe warn & admonish you more to lay to heart the great

    Sin of uncleanness you have fallen into, with ye Sad aggravations therof, then Ever

    you have yet done: waighting upon God by prayer & in ye use of other means espe

    cially by considering what sentence God hath denounced against you in his word whi[st][55]

    Impenitent: If God peradventure will give repentance, yt soe you may recover y[our]

    self out of ye snare of ye divill, by whome you have bin taken captive at his will.


    After ye admonition it was sayd. I shall onely leave this word with you, If this So

    lemn word of admonition be not a savour of life to you, it will be a savour of

    death, & therfore take heed how you continue any longer proud Impenitent & hard

    hearted, least God be provocked to send you away from himself & his pp in yor hearts



    ffebr. 4. The Church was stayd to give their notion of some publick disorders

    of Mr Nelson[56] wch Several of the Church have taken notice of & are agreeved &

    offended at

    1 Upon the lecture day January 3 . as soon as lecture was done he did in ye

    hearing of many both of our Toun & some strangers in a very loud & passionate


    manner that as for the last church meeting you knew what it was about [----]

    & you would not come to it nor would come to any such meeting

    as he was not at it


    [54] See Acts 5.

    [55] MS damage affects the end of this and the following line.

    [56] Here begins the lengthy dealing with church member Phillip Nelson.