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                           Mr Rogers Donation    218


    Considered the Case & Circumstances of it, It was proposed to them

    That if it was their Minds that Daniel Clark is guilty

    of an unlawful Congress with his (now) wife or of what is

    Commonly called that Sin of Fornication let it be Signified

    by lifting up your hands, and it was a Clear Vote


    He being Called in The vote was declared to him & He desired to


    make Confession of his Sin as he would Expect Church priviledges here

      Sarah Scot Wife of Benjamin dismissed to the Chh in


    The College having petitioned the general Court to Sell the

    Lands In Rowley given them by the Revd Mr Ezekiel Rogers

    the Court ordered the Petitioners to Serve the Church & Town of

    Rowley with a Copy of their Petition yt Sd Church & Town

    might Shew Cause why (if any they had) the prayer thereof

    Should not be granted, ---- upon which I gave Warning

    to the Church to meet at my house the 9th Day of Jan.

    1733/4. and the matter being laid before them & Discoursed

    upon by them, It was put to them - - -

    If they Whether they had any objections or reasons to offer

          against the Colleges making Sale of Sd Lands

          lying in Rowley given them by Mr Ezekiel Rogers

          and it passed in the Negative –––––––––––––


      1735. John Bayley & his wife were dismissed to ye

                        Church in Byfield ––

      Oct. 25. 1735. Samuel Nelson dismissed to the Church