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    In[48] ye Name of or Ld J. Xt with ye consent of or honble Rulers here

    present; by ye order of ye Revd Eldrs & Messengers of ye churches here,

    and at ye Desire of this chh & people I ordaine you &c. a Minister of ye

    Gospel of J. Xt Authoritatively to preach ye Ld J. Xt & his Gospel,

    when & wrever you shall be called thereunto. particularly, I ordaine you

    The Pastor of ye pticr chh in this place. And I charge thee, before

    God & ye Ld J. Xt Do ye work of an Evangelist, Do ye work of a

    Pastor unto this chh & people: Preach ye word, preach not yorselfe,

    but Christ J. ye Lord, be Instant yrin, in Season out of Season, with

    all Long Suffering & Doctrine; Duely administer ye Seales of ye Covenant

    Baptism & ye Lords Supper; carefully tend ye Lambs of that flock, and

    Look well after every one both old & young, as a good Shepherd, yt

    watches & must be accountable for their soules. Rebuke offenders,

    restore ye penitent; bring all ye Soules yt ever you can unto Xt

    and build them up on Christ, yt when Xt ye chief shepherd shall

    appear, you may appear with him in glory, & receive a crown of

    Glory that fadeth not away.


         Revd & beloved brethr.

    you have received ye essentials of yor Pastoral office by

    mutual choice & have now been Solemnly Introduced into a

    capacity to Exercise yt office by Distinct Ordination,

    now, yt you may not Stand alone in yor managements

    we are willing to own you or Brethren & companions in

    ye house of or God, and to Support you as we can with our

    ffraternal Assistances. I do therefore in ye Name of or Ld J. X

    with ye consent of or hon Rulers here present, & by ye order

    : of ye chh here assembled in their Representatives, Give you

    the Right hand of ffellowship, hereby owning this

    young Society, or little Sister Chh and yorselfe one of Christs

    Gifts unto his Chh. to serve it as a Pastor to this particr

    Branch thereof {and do Engage unto you, or Ecclesiasticall

    Assistance as your circumstances may call for; & Expect

    the like from yorselves, according to ye Rules of Gods

    holy word.


    [48] In the hand of Edward Payson.