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    12                                1666


             To the honoured General Court now sitting at Boston

    These are for the Elders & Ministers of the churches mett at Boston April 30

    1668 touching the case of those that set up an assembly heer among us in

    the way of Anabaptisme.


    That it belongs to the civill authority to exercise their care & power

    about matters of this nature & to restrayne & suppress open Enormities in

    Religion, that are of momentous & perilous consequence is abundantly

    clear from the Scriptures : Magistrates ought to be nursing fathers to

    the church Isai 49 23. & 60 16  To be a terror to all sorts of Evill works

    breaking forth in the outward man Rom 13. 3 4. I Pet 2. 14 Prov. 20 8

    Possitively to put forth their power in reference to godliness as well as honesty

    I[27] Tim. 2. 2. To put away evill from Israel Deut. 13. 5 11 & 17 7. 12. 13

    to serve Christ with all the power that is in their hand psalm 2. 10. 11. 12.

    to look to the Externall observation of the 4th commandmt  20 Exod 10. ffor

    who but the magistrate can restrayne the stranger within our gates from Sab=

    =bath breaking? Magistrates in all times & places, In Israel, In Judah (before

    & after the captivity) in the land of Uz (Job 31 20-28.) In Caldea (Dan 3

    29) In Persia [Ezra 6 &7] and Nineveh [Jonah 3. 7 8] are commanded for

    putting forth their power this way & soe alsoe in the New Testament the

    improvement of civill power for the help of the church in the work of re

    formation & in rooting out Heathenish & Antichristian corruptions is prophe

    =sied off as a great favour from God; a matter of the earnest prayers & hopes

    of the church & a great advancement to Christs kingdome Zack. 13. 2-3.

    Prov: 12 5 7-10 and 16. 4, 7. & 17: 13 16 & 11 15 & 19. 13 16. & 21 24 

     That this setting up of an assembly heer in ye way of Anabaptisme Is

    such an open Enormity of soe momentous & perilous consequence as ought

    not to be allowed in this place by the governmt of this Jurisdiction may

    appear by the reasons following. –––

    The way of Anabaptisme is a known & Irreconciliabl enimy to the ortho

    dox & orderly Churches of Christ & soe to these heer established, 1 by making

    infant Baptisme a nullity & soe making us all to be unbaptized persons, and

    therefore to have noe Regular churches, ministry or ordinances, yea to be

    incapabl of obtayning them in any ordinary way. 2. by Renouncing all

    our churches, either as noe Churches or as soe bad & corrupt that they are

    not fitt to be held communion with: 3 by Rejecting the true covenant of God

    (Gen 17. 12-14) wherby the church is constituted, & continued & cutting of from ye

    churches half the members that belong unto them: 4 By its known & constant

    opposition to an orderly settled able ministry, & to the power of the magistra

    =tes in matters of Religion: 5 By teaching men to disacknowledge or slight

    a political ministerial judg (either Ecclesiastical or Civill) & to set up them

    =selves as their own sole Judges in their own case, & soe introducing a

    spirit of anarchy & confusion: 6 By entertayning those that are weary

    of Christs truth & governmt in the churches, or fall under censure therein

    soe multiplying Schismes & Confusion, & makeing our discipline to be of none

    Effect:  Hence an assembly in the way of Anabaptism would be a Mount

    Gerasim among us, and its temple an Enimy in this habitation of ye Lord

    An anti-New England in New=England manifestly tending to the disturbing

    and destruction of these churches, which their nursing fathers ought not to be



    [27] Approximately six or seven lines of marginal notations in the left margin have been rendered illegible by damage to the edge of the page.