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    April 1747. Daniel Foster & his Wife

    were dismissed to the Church in Harvard.


    May. 22. 1747. the Church met to hear a Complaint

    of Joseph Jewet against Eben Hidden and

    Voted 1. That Sd Jewet had not brought

    on his Process against Sd Hidden agreeable to

    the Rules of the Gospel & 2. That it appears

    to the Church that Sd Hidden had given such

    Satisfaction to Sd Jewet in a private Way as he

    ought to have accepted & taken up withal –––


    June 3d 1747. the Church met by Adjournment

    and the Question was put whether it be your minds

    That Hannah Plummer be dismissed from us &

    recommended to ye Communion of the first Church in

    Newbury and it passed in the Negative

    Further, it was voted, That Samuel Dresser & Aquila

    Jewet be a Committee to join with the Pastor to

    prepare a letter containing some Reason why the Chh.

    declines dismissing Sd Hannah Plummer to Sd Chh.


    June. 9. 1747. the Church met and voted yt they were

    Satisfied with Joseph Jewets Confession –––


    June 17. 1747. the Church met by adjournment

    and the Question being put whether they were willing

    that the Wives of Stephen Palmer and Jeremiah

    Elsworth junr should for the present partake with

    us at the Lords Supper and it passed in the Negative

    at the Same Meeting likewise the Question being put

    Whether the Letter prepared to read to the Church should

    be sent to Hannah Plummer in the Name of the Church

    and it passed in the Negative. ––