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    An Account of the Deacons of the 1st Church in Rowley 









    Thomas Mighill         Came over with the Rev Mr Rogers and chosen when the Chh was


    Maximillian Jewitt






    Samuel Brocklebank


    Jun 8 1665


    Feb 18th 1665


    April 24th 1676.


    Maximillian Jewett



    killed at Bradbury

    by the Indeans


    William Tenny

    Feb 3d 1667   .

    June 7th 1668.



    John Peirson


    Oct 24th 1686.



    Dec 22nd 1672


    Ezekeil Jewitt


    Oct 24th 1686.



    Sept 2nd 1783.


    John Trumble


    Oct 24th 1686.





    Samuel Palmer


    Feb 1st 1707.



    June 23d 1717


    Timothy Morris


    Feb 1st 1707.



    March 24th 1723


    Joseph Boynton


    April 21st 1723.



    Sept 2nd 17[?]3

    Nov 25th 1755


    Humphrey Hobson


    April 21st 1723.



    June 23d 1742


    Francis Pickard


    Feb 12th 1737.



    Sept 12th 1778.


    Edward Payson


    Feb 12th 1739.



    March 1st 1769


    David Bayley


    Feb 18th 1761.



    May 12th 1769


    Thomas Mighill


    May 15th 1769.



    Aug 26th 1807.


    Jeremiah Jewitt


    May 15th 1769.



    Dec 3d 1809


    Moses yewett


    May 15th 1769.



    April 20th 1791.


    George yewett


    Nov 7th 1791



    May 5th 1829.


    Joshua Jewitt


    April 4th 1807




    Nathll Mighill


    Dec 10th 1848