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    78                               12                               1667


    An: 1 ffor Mr Phillips Sin &c: he Sts he knew not ye law along

    time yt for Evry qtr of Acre &c: such order be attended. 2. one

    mans fault (not scandalous) tho: yr be occasiō & Advantage for an-

    =others’ sin; yet Excuseth Not that. (It was his Temptatiō yt occasiō)

     ne Necessitatis occasiō[76]                                in

    3. An occasion hidden wrupon one doth unwillingly act amiss yt Case


    no dicitant  yr is an Excuse. But an occasion Known & wr upō a man acts

    in Ecclesia[77] voluntarily tho: he knows it. that Adiminisheth it not at all. if a mans cloake be

    layd in the way, & a Neighbr takes it for Lost if he knowes not the owner


     but if ye owner be known, &c: now that he stands by, now to take it up &c it is a [illeg.]

    3. Obj: Bro Wood did apprehend yt Mr Phillips had Right but to three score

    Roddes of ye Land in Controversy, at least Mr Phillips cannot proove

    Right to more. therefore he may pull down the fence & have all

    in Common till Divided, & 5 rodde or more be given &c:

    An: the way wrby Bro: wood comes to molest Mr Phillips for

    any of this is ye Sinne yt is playne. Sc: by making the brook

    the bounds of this own Land wch it was not & he knew was not.

    Had any of Mr Phillips his Right bin Seasonably provided for by Bro:

    Wood the Whole, would would have bin indisputable to Bro: Wood.


    4. The mayn thing was that Mr Phillips had stopt up ye brook

    wrby Bro: Wood prtended great dammage & yrf: he might keep

    his Legall title to all till yt were amended? Ans: That Bro:

    Wood should have taken other fayr meanes & not in yt manner

    have wth held Right, & pulld up fence &c: Besides what was Sd

    Suprà of Bro: Woods giving leave to have it Stop’t up. & yrf: twas

    more then mr Phillips ought to have done to open it agayn? Inst:

    Yea if in Love to my Neighbour I let Him doe me an injury

    wn he sees it is an injury, out of Love ye Rather in Conscience

    he ought to Releive   Ans: No! When the Dammage by Repaying ye

    Neighbour injures [          ] Advantage [       ] ye injury sus-

    =tayned if [                       ] he yt dig hath leave frō his

    Neighbr out of Love  to fill up a well. & doth it; in Requitall of

    his Neighbrs Love must he digge it agayn if it proove Inconvenient?

    Mr Phillips.   But the brook is opened Sts Mr Phillips wn Bro: Wood

    desires  & I am advised to it.

    NB yt most of ys objections were made rather by others rather yn Bro: Wood


    Of ye Brethren in ye church  all yt appeared did think yt not one foot [of]

    ye Land  but was justly mr Phillips’s & yet in Conscience advised

                                    some said

    Bro: Wood not to wth hold that; & did think it Covetousn: ffor Him


    to desire & Endeavour to get it. And one & another did desire

    to heare  what he could say, Or in Conscience ffall under. 2. ye

    manner of Bro: Woods carriage wth Violence &c: yt was unbecom


    =ming especially to an Elder. &c:


    Bro: Wood to ye Latter did serisly professe yt he was sorry for it &

    desired pardon of mr Phillips & professt it his griefe to Contend

    wth mr Phillips. /  And about ye Land  yt at first he was Ig-

    =norant of it  yt it was Mr Phillips, 2. tho: he Spake wth Nehem=

    iah about 3 weeks before of the Confirmatiō of it, yt & knew

    it yet when it was Confirmed He did not think of its actually


    [76] “Not necessarily an occasion.”

    [77] “Said in the assembly.”