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                                 25 1669 & 1670               91


    Is heer in particular, & of serving oft in the work of the ministry

    but yet desired 3 weeks or a month at most to consider & then he would

    Either bring or send his full answer : his letter dated June 10 1669.

    June 20 1669 he came & gave in writing this Answer

      I thankfully take notice of the Church & Toun of Rowley their love

    & respect to me, which they manifested in their letter by Goodman Peirson

    wherby I understand their desire to me that I would be for some time help

    full to them in the work of ye ministry, in a way of tryall how God may make

    me sutable to them, & the place to me. Though I cannot at this present

    give them soe promising an Answer as may be Expected or desired; yet I am

    soe farr from neglecting their desires, as that If they shall se meet to accept

    of it I am willing to come, & be wth them for a year, in that time waight

    =ing upon God to see how he shall direct them & me.

                                            Samuel Brakenbury



    July 18 Mrs Crosby brought another child to Baptism as she had

    done one before by virtue of her membership at Ipswich. & wth the

    consent of this church expressed by vote as page 8[90] Dn Swan objected

    just as I was beginning to pray & desire Gods blessing on ye ordinance

    I told him of the vote that passed in the church, he remembred it not

    but there was none that did farther interpose & soe the ordinance of

    Baptisme was administred; It was onely R S & J P that objected thus

    & for R S to object again after the church had consented & voted her

    liberty to bring her child was disorderly.


    January 17 1669 Elizabeth Woodbury daughter to or Deacon

    William Tenny dismissed to the church of Christ at Bass River to

    joyne wth that Church in full communion  The first of or mem

    =bers not in full communion that was dismissed


    July 17 1670 Mr Brakenburyes year being now almost out viz upon

    1 of August next, It was propounded to the church to know their minds

    whether they desired his continuation wth us, in order to office & settlemt

    many objected against that though many were for it, but all desired

    him to stay with is to preach another year & expressed their consent

    therto by a full vote, which was related to him by S P & Br Swan Br

    Leaver Br Peirson

    Mr Brakenbury accepted their motion to be helpful us God should in all help

    him  July 31 1670.

    December 26 1670. The Church of Christ at Malden sending

    messengers to invite Mr Brakenbury to preach with them in order

    to settlemt, the church of Rowley took the matter into conside

    ration and did by an unanimous vote call Mr Brakenbury to

    continue with us to help in the work of the ministrey untill

    August next to come twelvmonth that is till august 1672 & that



    [90] See p. 000.