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    42         1672             108


      Dear & Much Respected Sr

    It has much refreshed my heart & many more besides mine

    in that (though you could not at present send an affirmative an

    swer to our Invitation) you give us some hopes that your heart is

    inclining towards us: As for the deep sence that still remains opō

    your heart of your great insufficiency to soe great a work it is noe

    discouragemt to us & we concel we should not be to yor self whilst

    you consider who hath sayd he will be with his messengers to the end of

    the world, as alsoe what he sayth to the prophet Jer cap 1. 67 the

    humble alsoe he hath sayd he will teach, & shall we not hope that the

    Lord for his name Sake for his promise sake will be with us as he was

    with our fathers & will not leave us nor forsake us: you know Mo

    ses his objections against going about Gods work; & gods answer to

    him should be an answer to us to silence all objections arising from

    our own inability & insufficiency

    Now Sr Though we should have bin glad to have seen you heer soon

    er then you speak off, yet we are willing to waight in hopes that

    the lord is about to thrust you forth as a labourer into this hervest

    The lord continue & increase in you those Shepardly affections to

    wards this flock which we have some Tast off already

    Dear Sr as soon as you can send us word when you will come & care

    shall be taken to send doan some to accompany you hither, as for books (ex

    cept it be a concordance & a bible) you need not to take care at such a time

    of ye year to bring them, there will be in an ordinary way fitter oppertuni

    ty to convey your things by water in ye spring: What I have for books or

    anything els it is at your command

    ffor the place of your abode heer if yourself & friends soe think meet

    you shall be wellcome to take a chamber at my house, or if it be thought

    convenient Els wher, what pleases you therin will please me, but assure

    your self you cannot well be more desirous to be wth me then I am

    desirous of yor company: the good lord bless keep & direct you &

    more & more power out his good spirit upon you  Pray for

     Rowley novemb. 7                  Your unfeigned ffreind

       1672                                 S: Phillips

    Mr Jer Shepard came to us upon Tryall ffeb. 10 1672.


         To the Reverend Pastor & beloved Brethren of the Church of

           Christ at Salisbury

                     Grace Mercy & peace be multiplied in Christ Jesus

    Revernd & Beloved

    Wheras one Sister Mary Eastman by Gods providence has late

    abode with you & therby has oppertunity of frequent Comunion wth you

    in the holy ordinances of God, having alsoe desired letters of Recom