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                                  in Mendon 

           Cambrige Platform adopted  219


    Dec. 21. 1735. Sam.ll Kilborn appeared

    before the Church & Confess’d his Sin of

    Fornication & was forgiven - ~ ~


    July 4. 1736. Amos Pilsbury & his wife

       were dismissd to ye Church in Byfield ~


    Sep. 19. 1736. Samuel Hidden was

    dismissed to y.e first Church in Gloucester


    Oct. 31. 1736. Moses Hopkinson & his

    wife Mary appeared before ye Church

    Confessed their Sin of Fornication &

       were forgiven –


    Nov. 20. 1737. Mehetabel Thurston was

    Dismissed to ye Second Church in Rowley


    At a meeting of ye Brethren of ye Church

    Feb. 14. 1737/8. It was Voted by a Majority of y.e


    That having Considered y.e Platform of Church

    Discipline agreed upon by ye Synod assembled at

    Cambridge 1648. we do approve of ye Sd Platform

    for ye Substance of it desiring that this Church may

    Continue Stedfast in ye order of ye Gospel according

    to what is therein declared from ye Word of God =