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    is better satisfied about his Conduct.

    Voted also that Thos Lancaster and Natha-

    niel Mighil go to Leonard Cooper, and en-

    quire of him the Reasons of his absenting him-

    self from the publick Worship of the Chh. so

    much as he has done.


    Oct. 24, 1762. Mary Brown wife of Fran

    cis appeard before the Congregation confessd

    her Sin of Fornication and was forgiven

    by the Church ––––––––––


     July 3. 1763. Elisabeth Mighil wife of Natha

    nael appeared in the Congregation confessed her

    Sin of drinking often to excess, related re=

    markable passages between God & her Soul,

    and was forgiven by the Chh.


    Aug. 7. 1763 David Hammond junr, app-

    eared before the Congregation confessed his

    Sin, and was forgiven and restored –––––


    At a Chh meeting held Oct. 1. 1763.

                 to the Brethren

    The Question was put Whether they were


    Satisfied with what their Brother Eben Hidden

    had in way of Satisfaction offered to the Pastor

    and by him communicated to the Chh. for Sd

    Hiddens Conduct On the Lords Day Sep. 11. 1763

     and it passed in the Negative