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                                 1673             111              45


    milkt but 3 & made but 6 pound a week

    19 he told alsoe the sayd Robert Shileto that Goodm: Puttman of Sako[3]

      ought him 4 pnds. in mony for flax tears. James 3. 5 6.[4]

    20 he sayd before the church that according to his promise he had acknowledged

    his fault to Mrs Nelson in telling her lyes against my wife, wch Mrs Nelson

    affirmes he never did

    When he came from Ipswich with the wine wch was left (for he had made away wth

    a gallant of it before he gott home) rydeing throw the street here Mr Haslolin[5] &

    Tho: Allney seing him look soe redd they asked him what he ailed, he answered Oh

    man I have drunk a quart of Sack ys morning, they told him that was more yn

    did him good, he sayd he could sit on his horse still, what was this but a decla

    ring his sin like Solomon

    Heer was stealing, some degree of drunkeness & noe little, lying prodigall

    wastefullness in yt he would needs pay his wages of a quart of Sack when it was not

    required of him yt we hear off, then he bezled[6] away a gallant the same night in

    so much yt he was the worse 3 or 4 days after for what he had drunk soe Excessively

    as hims acknowledged before S. P. & 2 or 3 more

    1 ffor stealing was layd before him Levitt 19. 11 & 6. 2 & ye aggravation

    for soe smal a mattre transgress for a piece of bread or handfull of Barly 13

    Ezeck. 19. they yt sin for greatest profit make a loosing bargain of it what

    then doe you that sin for trifle and yt after he had profest hims much affected

    wth ye light he had received from Mr Burr concerning the exceeding Evill of

    the least sin: that wch some excuse sin by inceaseth it whilst men will

    break Gods comand & provoak his anger for a trifle, when yr is little or noe

    temptation ye greater ye sin 6 prov. 30. soe 5 Acts was it not in your own power

    you might have kept it & not lyed about it

    2 ffor lying the prophet bewayling the extream sinfullness of thos times sayth yet

    have taught their tonges to speak lyes, as if yy had studied ye art of lying

    Jer 9. 5. after stealing you made lyes your refuge 28 Isai 15. a sin yt is

    an abomination to god one of ye 7 things that he hates 6 prov. 17 & 12 22

    as in that god has a controversy soe wth a nation 4 Hos. 1. 2. god joynes these

    wth notorious sinners & sayth their portion is in the lake that burns with fire

    & brimstone which is ye 2d death 21 Rev: 8. 19 prov. 9 if we must give an

    account of every Idle word much more of Every lying word

    Its a sin against God Gods [sic] spirit tho not the unpardonabl Sin Acts 5 2. 3. 4.

    Its a contradiction to godliness & ye profession of Chr. 3 Coll 9. any one act of

    lying strikes at the vitality of godliness yea its Contrary to ye light of nature &

    condemned by the Heathen 1 Titus 12. ffor aggravation

    heer multitudes of lyes a way of lying 119 Ps 29. David begd deliverance from it

    It was against light when a man committs a not onely a known Sin but know-

    ingly this is heinous: Its possibl for a man to comitt a known sin as to speak

    falls & yet knowes not that he dos soe: Lying makes most unlike god ye god

    of truth & most like ye divill who was a lyar from ye beginning & ye father of it


    Besides he prophaned the name of god that came to gods house & ordinances

    as if he had bin delivered to committ all these abominations Jer 7. 9. 10 11. he

    went from praying amongst brethren to lying this was telling lyes in Ipocri

    =sy & argues a seared conscience & hard heart 1 Tim 4. 2., you made your

    moan to one wth tears for wandrings in holy dutyes as being more bitter to

    you then all your other afflictions but how did such a senc of the body of

    death consist wth such wofull outbreakings of it & that about the Same time

    Conserning you[r] lyes of those Newberry maydens se what the word speaks con

    serning such as brought up an evill report of a virgin in Israel much

    more evill to cast such a slander of many virgins 22 Deut 19. Neh 6. 8.

    Sanballat reported lyes of Neh. such as he had noe ground for but devised

    [3] I.e., Saco, originally part of Massachusetts Bay, now Maine, settled in 1631.

    [4] Philips, apparently disgusted or disheartened by Watson’s enumerated falsehoods, added this scriptural reference, which reads: “Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.”

    [5] Conjectural reading.

    [6] A term from gemology, meaning gradually to grind down.