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                                          1677             163        97


    were drawn in yrunto ought to reflect upon with self condemnation which

    we expect to hear from them

    we find alsoe that those brethren with Major Pike are Chargeable with breach of com-


    munion & a tendency to Schisme, in yr soe farr espousing the quarrel as to withdra

    And those in Almsbury[74] alike faulty for their querulous interposing in that matter

    which they were not present at the managmt off, too much espousing a party

    rather then seeking the churches peace

    And therfore doe advise & pray a general & serious sence of these particulars

    in ye several partyes concerned, & that Mr W. & the church doe upon the Majors

    Confussion as above receive him again to their comunion; hopeing Mr W &

    the church will se the Error of their foremar transaction as intimated above

    And that they all agree together to obtain some other godly & learned person to

    assist their Pastor in ye work of his ministry, not abateing his foremer mainte

    nance amongst ym._____


    Hannah Hoy was dismissed from the Church of Hampton Septemb 9 1677 & admitted


    as a Cand of Rowley Church 4 Octob 1677 & her child baptized that is into the

    same memberly relation that other children of or church are in


    Novemb 11 1677. Mr Nelson restored & reconciled to the Church the lord having

    granted him repentance soe as that he humbly & with tears bewayled the many Evills

    he had fallen into in breaking the comands of God the 5 8 & 9 & in his summoning

    of S P to ye court wherin he acknowleged that he had done sinfully & broaken

    his covenant with God & his pp to submitt to ye governmt of Xst in his church &

    those speeches that we had from him June 19 77 mentioned in ye foregoing page he

    acknowledged they were sinfull speeches & to my self he owned they were wicked & yt he

    was hartily sorry for ym and further added that it was his greif that he shuld soe carry it

    wth such contempt against S. P whom God had made an instrument of his souls good

    & what fear it had bin his delight to se & had prized his ministry & alsoe added that

    he had forsaken God before the lord forsook him & left him to fall into soe many Evills

    Upon this acknowledmt the Church mind as to their readiness to forgive his offences &

    to receive him into formar comunion & affection was tryed by a voat, by which

    the church did unanimously declare their receiving satisfaction.


    Alsoe br Platts was spoaken to concerning his offensive carriages as to his breech of

    the 9th comand & his schismatical speeches what part have we in David so what

    part have we in church priviledges as page 95 bott[om] __ but he gave noe satisfaction

    but told us we might doe what we would with him, rather blameing the church for

    wrong yt had bin done him which they had not righted, then taking fault to himself it

    was therfore desired by Br Swan & Deacon Teney that he should have farther time

    to consider of matters seing (as hims sayd) he did not expect that anything would

    have bin sayd unto him at that time


     novemb. 18 Br Platts did acknowledg that [-] was sorry yt he had offended ye church in yt mat

    ter in ye vote for Mr Shepards preaching a fortnights lecture & if it were to doe again he would

    not doe it & for his speech at Mr Neh Jewitts admission what part have we in David soe what part

    have we in church priviledges it was not well spoaken & his heart did check him for it as soon

    as he had spoaken it : Ys last clause he uttered not till after ye churches vote for passing by

    his offences

    Novemb 25 before ye sacramt Br Homes did acknowledg yt he had acted irregularly in stirring

    up daniel weicome to put yt vote about Mr Shepard it being contrary to ye law of the coun

    try which he then was ignorant off, & as for his accusation of Neh Jewett in publick yt

    he was not to be dealt with because nothing could be had from him but Squibs & Scares

    & high flown speeches he acknowledg he had spoaken very irregularly & was sorry for

    it seing he could not make out his accusations & soe ye church voted their paasing

    by off his offences. The good lord pardon or accepting less repentance then his rule

                                            requires __ __ __

    [74] I.e., Amesbury.