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    124) Mr Paysons dis-        1681 82         189

    -mission from Roxbury[122]


    that it was a question whether he would return to us again the whole Town mett and ex

    pressed their consent to ye churches call of Mr Paison & desired one & all present yt he would

    stay amongst us & chose two messengers to goe for him & express ye Towns desire to him viz Mr

    Neh: Jewitt & Daniel Weicome, & by ym a letter was sent in wch was small incouragemt

    of his coming to make any stay


    Aug . 2d 1681 a contribution for Mary Leichfield captive at Algeir[123] 4 pounds in mony & 5sh

     was gathered


    A letter from Dover

          To ye church of Xst at Rowley grace mercy & peac be Multiplied

    Reverend & beloved in ye lord

    These are to give you to understand yt we intend to ordaine Mr Pike[124] ye last day of

    this present month & doe Earnestly desire your presence hear at ye time appointed, &

    your counsell & assistance in soe weighty a work by yor Elder & messengers : And

    desiring the lord to bless & guide you in all yor holy administrations we rest yors in all

    Christian duty

                Dover 16/6m / 1681.                     Will. Wentworth in ye behalf of

       the Church

    The church of Rowley sent wth S. P Mr Nelson & Br John Palmer, the other

    churches sent to were Hampton Portsmouth Yoark : one sermon though two intended, Mr Moody

    & Mr Cotton prayed after sermon[125]   Elder Wentworth & S P layd on hands & gave ye charg

    I prayed Mr Cotton gave the right hand of fellowship : chosen to ye office of pastor & ordaind

    after meeting a wonderfull deliverance bestowed upon Mr Moody his wife 2 of yr children & 2 of


    Captain Arcosts[126] who were all turned overboard [--] of a cannoo & yet not one drowned, Blessed

    be ye name of or god in Xst Jesus


    Tho Tenny Junior his admonition removed or taken off upon his publick confession of his

    sin novemb 5. 1681 :


    Mr Edward Payson his dismission from ye church of Christ at Roxbury in order to his

    settling heer by admission into ys church & takeing office


               To ye Revd Mr Phillips Pastor of Rowley

      Revered & beloved in Jesus Christ

    Divine providence haveing called or beloved brother Mr Edward Paison to live & labour

    amongst you, he desireth a dismission from our comunion, unto yours, wch we readily

    give him with our blessing; beseeching God to make him a blessing among you throw

    Christ Jesus, to whose grace & guidance we comend you; with earnest desires of mutual

    prayers & soe Rest —


    Roxb this 9t of the 8                              your loving Brethren

    1682 .                                     John Eliott with ye consent of ye

    fraternity of ye Church of Roxbury


       A copy of ye letter sent to 7 Churches for yr assistance in Mr Edw: Paysons ordination viz.

    To Ipswich Newberry Haverhill Hampton Portsmouth Dover Wenham .



    To ye Reverend pastor & deerly beloved brethren of ye church of Xst at Ipswich

        grace mercy & peace from God ye father & from ye lord Jesus ye Son of the father

    honored Reverend & beloved in or lord Jesus

    After ye many & various afflictions dispensations & bereavmnts yt it hath pleased or Sovereign

    holy & onely wise God to exercise this place withal, especially by ye death of or last minister &

    Reverend Pastor of precious memory wch sad hearts has not bin much up to ys day notwithstanding

    our pore prayers & indeavours for yt end, yet it has pleased our gracious God (who in judgmt

    remembers mercy) soe farr to shine upon us as to put a farther piece into our hands for our

       [illeg.] good god still to make us partak



    [122] This entry is written in another hand.

    [123] I.e., Algiers, suggesting that she had been taken at sea by pirates.

    [124] John Pike had come to Dover, N.H., in 1678, and after being officially settled as minister stayed there till his death in 1710.

    [125] Seaborn Cotton, minister of Hampton, N.H., 1657-86; and Joshua Moody, pastor of Portsmouth, N.H., 1658-84.

    [126] Conjectural reading.