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    34  100                     1671.


    In the platform; It must be for scandalous Evill not matters controversial

    And ye whole brotherhood agreeing that cald him to office & yrfore not a meer

    major part & with ye advise of neighbour churches, the calling in of wch you have

    neither offered to your pastor, nor accepted his offer of it to you.

    ffor my coming to preach wth you on Thursday next, If I should soe doe, I should

    think my self not much better Imployed then Aaron sometime was when he was

    not well Imployed: I have not bin unwilling nor shall be to serve you as

    God shall inable & when calls me therto. In the mean while I beseech ye

    good lord to direct your work in truth & to show that mercy to you & wch

    that David begs Psalm 19 13.  I Rest

    your greeved brother S: P.

        Rowley March 20 1670/1


    Septemb: 12 1671 the Church mett about calling another minister to

    joyne wth S.P. & by an unanimous vote did invite Mr Shuball Dumer[98]

    accordingly letters were forthwith dispatched to him by Br Tod:

    = The church the same time viz. Septemb 12 1671 voted that I should have 10l per Annō

    added to my mayntenance which was 60 before from 1660 to ye vote & 50 from my

    first coming 1650 to 1660. onely 3 yeers of the first 10 they allowed 5l per Annō for to find

    me wood.

    ffeb. 4 1671. John Jackson the son of Br Will Jackson was called upon by

    the church to acknowledg his Sin in breaking Gods Sab by cutting up abun

    dle of smal alders as if he had bin preparing for the thatcher: It was shown

    him that it concerned the church to testify against his Sin otherwise his sin

    in breaking Gods Sab. would be Imputed to us 13 Neh 17 Alsoe it concernd

    him to judg hims for his Sin seeing ye lord accounts ye breaking of ye sab as a break

    ing all his comands 16 Exod 28 and alsoe has expressed his displeasure by yt

    sentence he passed & at his command was Executed upon ye men that gathered

    sticks on ye Sab: day 15 numb 32 33.

    being cald upon he did acknowledge that he had sined & was sorry yt being

    under such means & light he should soe sin against god & desired the prayers

    of Gods pp that he might be more watchfull over his ways & carefull to Keep

    & Sanctify Gods Sab:

    At the same time Ezeck Sawyer & Tho: Spafford were called forth to

    acknowledg yr offensive carriage in a night wherin they were to watch they

    tied a cartrap cross ye street & thrust a cart into ye brook & other like

    pranks it was shown them that this was aggravated in that ye were watchmen

    wheras they carried it as if some Enimy had broaken into town to block up

    ways & lay stumbling blocks & doe mischief 2. it could not be altogether ignorantly

    done they knew they were doing amiss & as yei would not be done by; not It did

    not yrfore become them to make light of yt carriage heerin he yt dispiseth his

    way shall dy[99] & it ill becomes us to cast firebrands & arrows[100] & say am I not in

    sport Sin is not be made a mock off 3. yr was noe little contempt or re-


    [98] Shubael Dummer, who graduated from Harvard College in 1656, did not come to Rowley but instead settled in York, Maine, in 1662 but was killed in an Indian raid in 1692.

    [99] Prov. 19:16.

    [100] Prov. 26:18.