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    Janry 1. 1729\30 Lydia Bishop now Willet

           dismissed to ye first chh in Newbury

    Septembr 20. 1730. Abigail Clark Wife of Richa[r]d. was

         admonisht before ye congregatn for having been guilty

         of Fornication. & ye next Sabbth made her confession

         and was forgiven by the Church

    Ano. 1732. Jeremiah Chaplin Job Pingry Ebenezer Burpee dismissed

               to be gathered into a Chh. at in the West Parish[8]


    About[9] Aug. 6. 1732., } Jonathan Chaplin & his wife

         Sarah appeared before the Church and

         Confessed themselves to have been guilty of

         ye Sin of Fornication & were forgiven &

         restored to the Charity of the Church


          Some Time after this Jonathan Chaplin & his Wife were

                               dismissed to the New Church in ye Town.

    Samuel Kelley a member in full Communion with

    the Church of Christ in Haverhil being removed

    thence to Rowley Desired admission into full Commu

    nion with the Church here and brought a letter of dissmissi

    - on & recommendation to this Church, __ __

    Objection was made against his being admitted, upon

    which I Desired the Church to meet at my house

    to Consider and determin the weight of the objection

    Being met Two of the Brethren, (viz) James Barker

    & Jeremiah Elsworth gave in Thei Testimony against

    Sd Kelley to this purpose, (viz), That we being at the

    House of Samuel Kelley at such a Time (mentioned) by the

    order of the Rev.d M.r Edward Payson to Tell Sd Kelley to

    abstain from the Sacrament. Sd Kelley Sd He did not Care

    for one half of the Church were Hypocrites & He did


    [8] I.e., Georgetown. 

    [9] Entries in the hand of Jedidiah Jewett begin here.