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     Nathanael Mighell, with his (now) Wife Priscilla

    having been guilty of comitting fornication together were

    called forth publickly before ye congregation & admonished, having

    manifested their willingness to submit themselves to ye Governmt,

    of this church in wch yy were baptized,      { March. 3. 1706 }

         Augt 18, 1706 } Samuel Broclebank & his Wife Sarah

    were called before ye chh, and in ye Name of ye Ld. J. Xt,

    solemnly admonished, for ye Sin of fornication; and

    suspended from such chh=priviledges as otherwise they

    might have been in a way to have Injoyed ~

    Octobr 13. 1706. Nathll Mighell & his Wife as also Samuel

                  Broclebank & his Wife appeared before ye

    church with humble confessions, for their Sin of fornication

    and were restored and owned ye covenant.


    October 24. 1706 } Samuel Ayres appeared before ye

                     church in ye Congregation, produced

    his confession for his great Sin of fowl uncleaness; wch

    was accepted, & he released from his Censure, & restored to communion

                     Samll Ayres his confession


    I Samll Aires, having fallen into yt great & heinous sin of Un

    -cleaess, which I have often confessed before God & also before

    ye people of God in Publick, & thereupon have justly been cast out

    from ye injoymt of ye ordinances of God, & ye fellowship of his pp.

    wch hath been a great Tryal to me, & yt Sin a wounding to my

    soul.  it was with me before my confession, as we read in y[2] 32. 4, 5.

    When I kept Silence my bones waxed old, thrô my roaring all ye day

    Long, for day & night thy hand was heavy upon me, my moisture was

    Turned into ye drought of Sumer, Selah; I acknowledged my Sin to thee,

    and my Iniquity I have not hid; I said I will confess my Trespass to the

    Lord; and ye Lord did Encourage me, yt as he had given me power

    to confess, so yt he would give me power to forsake my Sins. ~

    after my confession, I had more Ease of spt, for it had laid very

    heavy upon my heart & soul, and doth to this day, yt I had not only

    sinned against God & dishonoured him, but had been a Scandall to

    Religion and ye Professors yrof, and a grief of heart to ye people

    of God here, which I desire to be deeply humbled for before God.

    that place of Scripture came to my mind, he that hideth his sin, shall

    not prosper, but he that confesseth & forsaketh, shall find mercy;[3] this


    [2] Payson used the Greek letter for “y” not “p,” but the reference is to Psalm 32:3 ff.

    [3] Prov. 28:13.